rain, rain, go away?

I thought we’d be getting hit with a few rain bands from Ike, but it seems that’s not happening. We did get some pretty strong winds last night, but nothing major.

However, I guess I’m missing this in Michigan (courtesy of noelheikkinen.com and, you know, The Weather Channel):

Michigan disappears from U.S. map; courtesy of noelheikkinen.com

Sorry y’all. I’ll just continue sitting here enjoying another beautiful southern sunset. You wouldn’t think lavender and bright orange would look good on light blue, but it’s really quite a lovely combination. =)

Update: It has changed from bright orange to a vibrant salmon and magenta. Very nice.


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3 responses to “rain, rain, go away?

  1. The first day of rain was nice, tranquil and all. (Root cause and thus irony in the tranquility noted.) But today was more of an annoyance.

    On the up side, the Red Cedar is running about 1200 cubic feet / second and there were 7ft waves on Lake Michigan. That means if those conditions hold and the weather clears, there’s a good chance of some surfing in the coming week.

  2. Matt the Geek

    The rain was nice, I was enjoying it and the accompanying scent. The only bummer, well there were 2 really, was it killed off my borrowed wireless internets, and it prevented me from confirming that my passenger side front CV joint is indeed now toast.

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