quick life recap

Things I’ve done (and remembered) since my last post…

  • Dealt with friend drama for days
  • Felt closer to Mandy than I’ve felt in a long while – can’t wait to see her soon!
  • Not gone to the gym nearly enough
  • Slept way too much (this weekend)
  • Worked A LOT, and loved pretty much every minute
  • Donated blood (this morning)
  • Gone to church
  • Made major steps on my work assignments
  • Talked to Tod on the phone – and it wasn’t awkward!
  • Realized I don’t need to use styling product in my hair if I don’t feel like it
  • Continued being a total idiot concerning men and relationships and my total lack of desirability
  • Worked on a Saturday
  • Skipped out on the dogs AGAIN and felt horrible about it
  • Noted some interesting crossovers between Facebook friends in totally separate (or so I thought) social circles
  • Wondered if I will ever be one of the happy brides on Nicole’s wedding photography site
  • Wondered why I really care about being a happy bride if I don’t even have a prospect for a happy groom
  • Wondered if social expectations are really driving every single long-held desire in my life
  • Wondered if Tod was right in thinking marriage is a waste of time, energy and resources, and is a blind following of the social norm
  • Wondered if I’m just a Negative Nelly who needs a good smack in the face
  • Wondered if I should just STOP WONDERING SO DAMN MUCH


  • Started getting excited about going home
  • Made plans to see Keith, Tod, Mandy, Carla, parents, siblings, former coworkers – anyone else?
  • Ate lunch out every day for a week; now refuse to look at my credit card statement
  • Did four loads of laundry (today)
  • Smelled the maple syrup aroma in the office that RP mentioned and thought was me
  • Ate a lot of cheese
  • Wished I could be momentarily bulimic to get rid of all that cheese
  • Realized I’m too freaked out about dental hygiene to force myself to throw up
  • Watched several episodes of “Gossip Girl” (yesterday & today), then felt like such a drama ‘tween wannabe… but still loved every minute =)
  • Watched RP and his dog on their webcam like some creepy stalker chick – but I was invited to watch! That pooch is adorable =)

Time to finish cleaning up this garbage hole of an upstairs before I crash for the night. I did only one fun thing all weekend, and that was have dinner with RP at the local Perkins. His roast beef was green. My pancakes were delicious. Made me wish I WAS the one smelling like maple syrup all day.

Peace for now. Look out Michigan – I’m coming home soon!!

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