self defeatist

In spite of all my whining about not getting enough sleep this week, I’m still awake. Not only am I still awake, but I’m BLOGGING. How inane. It’s just about midnight and I’m about 1/3 done with the room move. Not finishing tonight, but I had to share my pride over getting that far – it’s taken me three days.

I had a long chat with Mandy tonight, which led me to forgoing the gym and heading home to eat dinner instead. Probably for the best considering my energy level today. She and I talked over the past few days, which made me feel a little better. Plus, you know, she’s my favorite person to talk to, so that added to it. Good times.

TGI-almost-F. I feel in desperate need of a break. Even though Saturday AND Sunday will see me up bright and early all over again for dog walking and church with RP. I just have to get to bed earlier… ha! Oh, it’s such a vicious cycle, my friends.

Apparently RP and I might be going to J. Alexander’s for lunch on Sunday after church. He’s basically already picked out what I should order, which is amusing. Not amusing? The prices. He’s already stated that it’s his treat, but a girl starts feeling a little guilty after a while, you know? You may reference the menu (PDF) if you so choose. I am to order the spinach and cheese dip (presumably shared), salmon and orzo.

Other than that, nothing much new to report. I’m going to read some Frank Peretti (I know, right?) and go to sleep.


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