i am literally loling

How is it that I’ve never found this chick before, in all my endless Googling of my own name? Her name is what mine should’ve been, if the alternative spelling of Emily had been more popular at the time. Rather than tacking a random “e” onto Autumn, this could’ve been me:

Welcome to the Asylum :: The Official Site of Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn YouTube videos by wingedzephyr

Hahahaha. Oh man. I hate to make fun, but wow. I cannot believe I didn’t come across this earlier.

On a totally unrelated note, I had no idea using the “strong” tag made screen readers shout at blind Internet users. I heard in both college Web design classes (and more than one book) that “b” was deprecated to bold text. But apparently not. So all this time I’m making blind people’s lives difficult – the peak of cruelty! I wonder if I can get myself switched back to “b”…

As promised, I’m glad this week is finally over. I spent most of this evening napping on the futon, which probably wasn’t the best idea, but I literally could not function well enough to do anything else. Then I ate chocolate ice cream for dinner about 10 minutes ago while watching snippets of “What Not to Wear,” “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.” Oh, I have no life… I need to get back to moving stuff in a few minutes, so I can get to bed before 11 and make an appearance at dog walking tomorrow morning. I feel like I’ve been so lazy and unmotivated this week.

I’ve been trying to plan out what I’ll be doing when I go home at the end of the month. I have a few things on the agenda, but in the in-between times, I’m just hoping to be able to hang out with my mom, since I’m going to see her so infrequently over the remaining portion of this year. I don’t want her to feel forced to make the trip down here by herself. So we’ll have to make the most of what we have. I know we’re going to have some sort of family get-together on Saturday or Sunday. I need to see my dad for dinner sometime too. Monday, I’m hoping to see Mandy & Carla, since Carla will presumably be off work. And Tuesday I’m going to try to have lunch with my GLARO coworkers. Or at least Kristin & Blair, as they’re the ones with whom I’ve discussed the idea. Blair actually suggested it in the first place, which was very nice of him. I’ll be flying out again on Tuesday night, so that’ll be about it for my time at home. I’d like to see Tod, but I’m just not sure it’s in the cards, and considering how little we’ve been talking since the breakup, I’m not sure he’d be interested anyway.

As a final note, I’m participating in a research study on social networking and decision making (specifically geared toward car shopping) for Toyota for the next two weeks. They chose a handful of us to share our thoughts in eight blog assignments, talking about how we use social networking and who we go to for advice when we’re looking to make a major purchase. It’s a little more scripted than I would like (hard to make transitions in the blog entries without having the question listed out in the bold), but should be fun. If you’re interested, check out the study here: Influencers in Your Life. If you know one of my many other commonly used nicknames (or what I look like), you’ll be able to find me among the other bloggers. I’ll put up a more entertaining post there sometime soon, but I figured I’d just start with assignment #1 for the time being.


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