grace under fire

I’m still too exhausted to answer any more tough questions tonight. It’s been one of those tiring days that wasn’t entirely bad, just way too long. I had some great Mexican food for lunch (Playita Mexicana on Macon Road in Memphis – never been disappointed) and felt thoroughly awkward listening to my two male coworkers discuss the many positive qualities of one Jessica Alba. Lame.

I stayed at work till 6 trying to figure out what was going wrong with the e-newsletter that’s supposed to be distributed in the morning. Finally got 99% of it squared away and fled the building to avoid being the last one there. Had to do a little more work on it just now, but I think it’s ready, aside from lacking a subject line. Those are always the last things to show up…

I finally got back to the gym tonight, after a three-day absence. I survived 45 minutes on the elliptical and a circuit of about half the weight machines. Then someone actually spoke to me! Aside from a 15-second conversation one other time, no one has ever said anything to me at the gym. Mostly, I think it’s because everyone wears headphones and gets all “in the zone” during their workouts, so there’s just no room for distractions. But today I was reading more of Transcending CSS, so apparently that sparked someone’s interest. And I could tell right away, even before he said a single word, that he totally knew what CSS was and would find it interesting that I was reading such a book while doing cardio. And I was right!

I think the approach was an evangelical one, which was fine with me. After all, I’m the one who called out to God yesterday, right? This was just my answer. Ricky, my new acquaintance, attends Grace Evangelical Church in Germantown, and he gave me his phone number in case I’m ever interested in checking out their “Young Adults” group on Sunday mornings. I was a little thrown off by his, “So, what’s your favorite restaurant in the area?” question, but I think he was just making small talk, not trying to suggest that we go eat there together. Thank goodness. Although it would be awesome to be able to say I was finally asked out by someone, this was not the right time for that. Someday, maybe…

When I got home, my landlady was having a sort of bon voyage party for her friend, who is flying back to Florida tomorrow. Our elderly neighbors, their daughter and granddaughter, and their three tiny bunny dogs were over. They were finishing up dessert, so I sat down with my dinner – grilled salmon, chicken, zucchini/squash strips and garlic bread – and joined the party. I was offered money to format somebody’s laptop. Not sure anything will come of that, but I loved being the token techie girl for the briefest of moments.

The situation back at home with Carla has worsened. Well, worsened, reached its climax and now died down. But I’m still worried about her and how she’s feeling right now. I can’t wait to go home at the end of the month…

In my own world, I’m feeling stricken by a couple things, but I’m trying hard to just keep moving forward and stop letting them get to me. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to, and you have to accept that and move on the best you can. I hope I’m capable of doing that without becoming bitter or spiteful. I know I have it in me… it may just take some digging to find it.


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