kayaks, snakes – phase I complete

Taking a break in the midst of a lovely Sunday. I just need to revel momentarily in what a good day it’s been – and hope it will continue to be.

This morning, I got up at my usual weekday time and accompanied my landlady and her friend to Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park for a guided kayak tour of Poplar Tree Lake. My landlady’s friend and I were in a tandem boat that they’d rented for the weekend from the University of Tennessee (where my landlady works). We ended up in a tour group with several canoes of young people. And you know they were splashing each other with their paddles and trying to flip each other over. I realized I never did that as a kid – I was too paranoid about drowning. :) Our tour guide was nice, but I can’t imagine piloting a canoe alone would be any fun, especially when you’re leading people who care nothing about the difference between a green heron and a great blue. It was a pretty easy trip and lasted a couple hours.

Afterward, we went into the nature center to cool off, and I got to hold their speckled king snake!! Oh man, I forgot how much I miss taking care of snakes. I never want to own one – you know that weird rep people get when they have pet snakes, carrying them around all the time, slowly starting to look more and more like them… well, you know – but I’d love to be able to hold them from time to time. It’s soothing. And I totally found myself rocking it like a baby, which was weird, but interesting. Perhaps there’s a maternal instinct in there somewhere? Hah.

Anyway, we also watched part of the raptor show out back. Saw a great horned owl (who hated the interpreter) and two red-tailed hawks. Drove around the park after that, saw the Mississippi River complete with whitecaps and floating debris, ate our sandwiches at a picnic table covered in lichens, visited a cute little general store and then headed back to the city. We sang along with some great mix CDs from the ’80s and ’90s on the way. Got to see a little of the UT campus when returning the tandem, and then took a trip along Mud Island. I cannot get over that place. It’s exactly one stone’s throw from the seediest areas of Memphis. If they are not overridden with crime now, they will be soon enough. But, of course, they live in their own little bubble out there, with rows and rows of identical island-style houses, painted various sherbet shades with almost no front yard. It was nice in theory, but I wasn’t too impressed. I do hope Patrick likes living out there though.

Now I’m getting ready to head over to RP’s house for some grilled salmon and possibly a movie. There was mention of the evening service at his church, but the more he talks, the less I think he’s planning to do that. He already went to a service this morning, but since I’d been wanting to try it out, he said we could go. Maybe another weekend.

All right, off to finish getting ready to leave. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :)

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