I’m snacking on a cheese pizza from Domino’s right now. Apparently they decided to randomly show up in our lobby today and distribute one-topping mediums for $5. Pretty cool. I don’t need to eat pizza, by any means, but since most of the department disappeared for their own lunch rendezvouses, what’s a girl to do?

I was brought some nice “happy birthday” tokens this morning from my former boss. Please ignore the fact that my birthday is next month, because it was awfully sweet of her. She brought me a fancy, chocolatey, frozen Starbucks beverage that made me a little sick halfway through, a bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms and a card signed by most of my old officemates. So cute… Even Zeke the dog “signed” it.

(Ha – my former boss just came by, so I was able to share the meat-free pizza with her. She was stuck with a coleslaw sandwich from their conference catering. Thank goodness for random pizza events!)

I am so distracted today. I have spent time on wikihow, random Yahoo! Answers pages and Digg.

Holy crap! I just used the WayBack Machine to see if I could find shots of my old Geocities blog, Groovy Guava – they’re totally out there! Look! Oh man, that takes me back… Even one of the archive pages is accessible. And I was linking to just about every classmates’ blog at the time – even people I never talked to at the time, like Tod, the Strahlers, Eric Lixey, etc. Wow. I can finally reread my “Wheel of Fortune” rant again (second on the page – may want to increase font size on your browser)…

So, regarding my most recent post, I’m going to the Memphis Zoo on Saturday. I looked at their exhibits online and started getting really excited about it. Apparently there may even be a Mandarin Duck or two! I’ve never seen one in real life, so that will be great. I just hope that getting there when it opens (9 a.m.) will give us long enough to see a few critters before the heat sets in.

OK, I totally can’t stop mimicking my writing style in 2002. It’s funny how I actually sounded more confident and exuberant back then – probably because it was before I realized no one actually cared about my life. :) I was all, “Go see ‘Minority Report’!,” and, “Society is superficial – educate yourself, people!” Hi-larious.

All right, back to work. I still don’t know what happened to the rest of my department. Makes me want to go home early, but I know I won’t. My landlady is having a small get-together tonight to celebrate the end of a workshop they’ve been having this week. Apparently she may be grilling peaches, which I would like to observe as a potential dessert idea for tomorrow night. Have a good weekend, friends!

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