mental/cardiovascular discomfort

My lunch gave me intense heartburn. Stupid fat-laden ground beef! One of those moments I consider swearing off meat. Then I remember how much I love it and know I wouldn’t last more than a week as a vegetarian. Besides, it’s because I didn’t drain the fat properly. Lesson learned: Flavor isn’t worth indigestion.

While I was rubbing my chest, I noted a funny line on the page I was editing. The article is called, “The Fundamentals of Blind Retrieves” ( or “blinds” – when a hunting dog retrieves a bird that he/she didn’t see fall). The wording of the following excerpt makes me wonder whether blind retrieves may be equated with Paganism… (emphasis mine)

Successful blinds are mutual victories for both the dog and the handler, and the achievement will likely mark the pentacle of the overall training experience.

The mention of “pentacle” also reminds me of the time I made Christmas cookies for the family last December. I spent hours and hours decorating unique cookies of every shape and carefully carried them home from East Lansing. Result? Being mocked by my brother-in-law about having made a pentagram cookie for my sister. Apparently he knew I’d made fun of their semi-Pagan ways (“What did you get for Solstice, Melissa?”), or was implying that my churchgoing automatically made their rejection of customary holidays distasteful to me. I kept saying, “No, it’s just a star…,” but he would have none of it. He mentioned it to every new person to enter the room. At the end of the visit, he asked if they should take home their pentagram cookie. Sigh.


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