wax and wane

The crappy feelings have come and go this weekend. The combination of being alone and not having a set schedule was difficult. I always find it hard to stay motivated and active when I don’t have my eight-hours-at-work-and-too-much-to-do-every-night agenda. I know I could write out a plan for my weekend, but since I don’t have to do it, I know I won’t stick to it. Besides, I know I need a little bit of a break from the routine, a few extra minutes in bed, another hour of TV, etc. But this weekend I think it was both a mental health improvement and detriment, for obvious reasons.

My landlady and her Florida friend are here now. They got in yesterday afternoon and spent most of today tending to the yard and flower beds, weeding, fertilizing, edging, etc. We had some lemony fish, spinach salad and sweet corn for dinner. It was nice, though I did go to the grocery store today, so there were food options aplenty for once. The fridge is overflowing already, as I predicted, so we’ll see how that goes once Patrick’s back and needing to go shopping again. =P He should be getting home soon.

I’ve been tired and headachy today. Not sure why. I woke up planning to try out a church I drive by every day on the way to the gym. But I didn’t roll out of bed 9:30, and wouldn’t have been there by 11. So I thought about going to an evening service at a different church. But then my landlady mentioned dinner, so… no church for me. =P Maybe next week. At least I have a couple prospects on the list now.

I’ve been trying to watch “Fun with Dick and Jane” today, but I keep missing parts. Now it’s getting late and I probably won’t be able to stay up for the end (the part I’m lacking). Oh well. Back to work tomorrow – the routine will help my mood, perhaps. We’ll see. Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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