cinderelly, cinderelly

I’ve spent the majority of the evening cleaning up the common areas of the house in preparation for my landlady’s return tomorrow. Patrick went to Atlanta again for a family friend’s wedding, so I’m on my own to welcome the weary traveler and her friend from Florida (who will be staying here and visiting for a while – not sure how that’s going to work). I’m going to be gone most of the day tomorrow, but she said she’d be getting home in the evening, so I’ll probably be around by then. I have an early-morning hike at 7, then dog walking from 9ish till 12, then possibly cat socialization in the afternoon. Not sure if I’ll do both, mostly because I don’t want to freak out the cats by smelling like dogs, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been working hard at the gym lately. I’ve been pretty proud of my progress and motivation so far. On the days I don’t use the weight machines, I’ve been trying to double up on cardio, so I end up doing just over an hour, or about 9 miles. Then I thought about increasing my regular time on the elliptical, too, just because a half-hour seemed too short for some of the days I half-assed the weights. So I’ve been doing 45 min before weights. That’s ~6.5 miles. Today, I felt really good. I decided to bump up the resistance to level 10 (from the usual 8, which started at 5) just to see if the difference would be noticeable (some of the ellipticals seem sketchy in terms of resistance settings). It definitely was – I was a big sweat ball by the end of the 45 min. But I was still breathing well and at the usual 80-90% heart rate. I was pretty impressed. I’m considering a women’s boot camp class that starts Monday. Have to decide sometime this weekend…

All right, I’m too tired to write anything else now. Have to finish laundry and work, then try to get enough sleep to make it through the early hike tomorrow. Ugh. =P Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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