dream diary II

Quick, because it’s after 8 already…

Last night I dreamed about my old coworkers. We were at GLARO in Ann Arbor and there was a “river” running right in front of the building. It looked like it had flooded, but our reaction to it indicated the river was there all the time. We were having a get-together (like the big staff meeting), so everyone was there from Maryland and the Northeast. We were taking inflatable tandem kayaks out on the water, but people eventually started losing interest, so single people were going out in two-person boats.

I was having a little trouble, since I was sitting too close to the front, causing the boat to tip forward. But there was another boy out there who was not part of our office group; he was having even more trouble, sitting way up in the nose of the boat, almost vertical in the water. People were calling out helpful tips to him, and we finally managed to get him cornered (the river had rapids) and help him readjust. He was all upset and said that someone had locked him out of the office when he tried to get back in, so he’d been stuck on the river for hours.

He told me about this very tall guy who had sent him out in the boat in the first place. He said he had a beard and dark hair and told him he’d tell the guard at the door to let him back in when he was done on the water. Well, when the boy returned, said tall guy was at the door himself. The boy smiled up at him and gestured to go inside, but the tall guy wouldn’t let him. He acted as though he’d never seen him before and left him out on the water, kicking the kayak away from the doorstep.

I eventually realized that the “tall guy” was Kurt, my old cube neighbor. So I set off on a fuming rampage to find him and yell at him for abandoning the scared boy out on the river.

Part II (or I, I can’t remember the order) of the dream: There were raccoons at a place where Tod and I were either camping or just hanging out, on a secluded island beach. There were towels already there, but the raccoons kept stealing them and wrapping themselves up in them to keep warm at night. There would be at least 5 raccoons in each towel, and they would squeak in protest if we came and got them first. Then one GIANT raccoon (larger than me) came out and told us the story of the beach raccoons and how cold they get at nighttime, how they’re not like normal raccoons, scampering around and living most of their lives after nightfall. So we devised a plan that would allow us to use the towels and them to use our pant legs for sleeping quarters. The raccoons were cute. The giant one was scaly. The end.


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  1. Jessica

    Hahaha I wish I had crazy dreams about giant raccoons. It sounds like a B horror movie. Genetically enhanced raccoons!

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