dream diary

As a note: I’ve managed to get Blogger onto Central Time. Apparently there were two settings areas, so my posts should now reflect the actual CDT now. Hoorah!

So, last night, I dreamed about one of my exes. It was kind of sad, really. Last time I saw him, he was talking about entering the Air Force, which he ended up doing and has been stationed (so far as I know) exclusively in the United States. But in my dream, he’d been shipped overseas at one point to do work there. He’d been in combat, which was odd, since he’s on the computer side of things, but they were low on men and needed everyone to participate on the battlefield. Well, he came home and had lost most of his memory. Somehow, he ended up at my mom’s house in Michigan and we were talking in the living room. He was like a little kid; like the world was all new and he didn’t know anything about it. I asked him if he remembered me, and he said he didn’t. This was after at least an hour of talking, all the while I’d been assuming he knew who I was. He tried to tell me about combat and his family life, but he couldn’t remember much at all. I remember crying a little in the dream; he did too. It was pretty tragic.

My internal clock has improved greatly since moving here. I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind waking up a few minutes before the alarm, since that means I can avoid being shocked awake, which I usually am, no matter how gentle a lullaby. But it’s especially joyful when I wake up at least 20 minutes before my alarm, because then I can go back to sleep and be almost fully out of it before the alarm does go off. Anyway, the past few mornings my internal clock has been going off between 5:50 and 6:00 a.m. This morning, I’d told Patrick I’d get up at 6:00 since we both had to be to work by 8. It ended up working out pretty well, and the early internal time helped ease me into the 6 a.m. wake-up.

I’m wearing my new dress from JCPenney today. I still have a bit too much of a gut for it, but it looks decent. Covers up my red shoulders anyway. =P Seems like everyone looks a little spiffier than usual today, so I don’t feel out of place. Maybe it’s because we have our biweekly Web Services Department meeting today? That would be funny; Web nerds like to impress each other. =) Have a good one, folks!

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