I can’t begin to express how much I hate those Taco Bell commercials with the guys rapping about 89-cent tacos. Make them go away!

I think I may have burned my sunburn today. =\ It’s painful. I really wanted to kayak, so even though I knew it would be a bad idea, I decided to go out this morning. I pondered shirt options, but I thought all that shoulder/arm movement with a T-shirt would rub and rub my existing burn, leaving me in tears. So I did the tank top thing and layered on the sunscreen. It didn’t help. My burn lines are different now. Sigh. I can not get cancer, pleez?

The overexposure pretty much left me exhausted today. I sprawled out on the couch for a two-hour nap while “Little People, Big World” played in the background. I’m still really tired, which is good, since I don’t want to be up half the night because of the nap. I just hope I’ll be well rested by tomorrow. And that I’ll have enough energy to get back to the gym Monday or Tuesday. Have to deal with those French fries I ate last night and tonight…

Not a whole lot has been going on the past couple days. I did some laundry, talked to my parents on the phone, went to Walmart and tried on clothes, watered the flowers a few times and worked on my second job. Funny: I guess my roommate and his ex used to TiVo “Gilmore girls” on ABC Family and watch it together in the evenings. Last night, he asked if he could borrow one of my seasons to watch before bed. Guys that like girl shows are fun. I always appreciate when Tod can get into “America’s Next Top Model” with me. =)

I’m watching “CSI” right now, which I watch way too much these days. Apparently that’s what they chose for the Father’s Day marathon. I wish it were a little more realistic, but at least it’s entertaining. Plus, that old guy who leads the team is pretty cute. =)


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  1. Jessica

    Justin likes Dawson’s Creek which makes my heart happy. Oh boys and their girly shows!

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