why is Feliz Navidad in my head?

I am at work right now, having just returned early from lunch with my coworker, Alice. She’s a nice lady who’s been with DU for more than 35 years, working in several different departments and landing in Web Services about a year ago. We went to a really great sub shop called Lenny’s tucked in between Game Stop and Payless in one of Germantown Parkway’s many strip malls. It happened to be the same one Laura took me to for Moe’s Southwest Grill last October, when I was in town for that week helping out at NHQ. Today I had a super meatball sub with bread that actually tasted fresh, rich mozzarella and tangy sauce. They’re also full service in that there are no trash cans anywhere – they toss it for you. So pleasant. I’ll definitely go back sometime.

Last night was full of catastrophe for me. (I’m using my definition of catastrophe here, not the norm, which might involve death or hurricanes.) First, I arrived home to find the neighbor had started up my landlady’s sprinkler so that it was spraying the left side of the driveway, the patio furniture and the front door of the house. So I had to sprint to get inside, drop off my stuff and get out again so I could turn it off. Then I went around and watered some of the flower beds. I just wish the neighbor would lay off and let me do it – I know I’m gone all day, but I did agree to do it (and don’t want to end up with drowned plants) and it would easier for me to do it… Sigh.

Anyway, after that, the less-than-neat fridge door dispenser spewed ice cubes and chunks all over the kitchen floor. I spilled a glass of iced tea on the living room floor, but thankfully the glass didn’t break and the tea didn’t end up on the white carpet, just on the hardwood, so I was able to clean it up without incident.

However, the clincher came later, when I started boiling water to make more iced tea. I forgot I had turned on the pot, and it sat there scorching for at least a half hour before Patrick went out there for something and turned it off. He didn’t notice what had happened because he left the pot where it was, but the metal coating from the bottom of the pot had burned itself onto the flat stove top. At first I thought it had burned the surface off the stove, but I wasn’t that unlucky. Had I thought it through better, I would’ve just left the fancy stove top cleaner on overnight and seen if I could get it off in the morning. But since I was freaking out, I instead worked at it with something slightly abrasive and ended up scratching the area around the toughest spots of metal residue. I feel really bad about it and hope my landlady understands. I promptly went upstairs and cried for a half hour, especially after realizing I’d missed Tod’s call and he was already asleep. =( It was a bad night.

I have over nine hours of work left for STN this week – guess that’s not getting done… I should be able to get through five, at least, but not nine. There’s just no way. I should leave work early, since I’ll be over my allotted 39 hours for the week, so that might help a little. No Friday night fun for me though (as usual).

Work is still good. I’m getting back to it now. Have a good weekend, ya’ll! (bwa ha)


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