I finally solved the e-newsletter dilemmas (all of them)! It took me almost two whole days at the office, but I did it. I was so overjoyed to figure it out. It happened to coincide precisely with the guys coming to work on the ethernet jack by my desk and my boss calling me in to get a new assignment. I almost skipped into his office. I think he was proud of me, mostly because I’d solved the problem, but also because I was so excited about it. I’m pretty sure he laughed at me, I was so pumped. =) I called the distribution, “Emily’s Test,” and sent it to my four e-mail addresses at least 100 different times. In the end, I had to laugh, because it really did seem like a test… of my patience, my skills and my perseverance. Cool!

Now I just have to become a hot, fit Web nerd chick. Step 2!

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