such a Web dweeb

I’m definitely getting there. I spent about 65% of my day at work troubleshooting the e-mail newsletter I’d just distributed, trying to figure out why it looks so weird in Yahoo! Mail and Gmail. Not unreadable (thank goodness), but definitely quirky. I solved about 50% of the problems, but I still have a bit more work to do. I spent part of the time searching forums and most of it tweaking code and resending test e-mails to myself (over and over and over). Phew! By the time my boss called me in to his office to work on something else, I was on the verge of mental illness. =P

I personalized my cubby (half cube) today. It looks a lot like my old cube at GLARO, because, well, I brought all the same decorations and personal effects. There are a few new things, but not much. I think I should find some new stuff to put up, just so I feel like I’m moving forward, but maybe I’ll acquire artifacts over time, like I did up in Ann Arbor. That way it really relates to my time in Memphis, rather than just being random things I picked up to fill wall space.

I really like my coworkers. They all have different personalities, but they’re all nice in their own way, and most of them have that subdued shyness laced with sly humor and sarcasm. That’s what I love about nerds, geeks and dweebs. I count myself among them, being shy and sarcastic myself. I try not to be overly harsh so as to be considered unapproachable, but just enough to surprise people when they think I’m just resigned and ineffectual. Ha cha!

Anyway, they’re cool. And the hallway where I work is a pretty good temperature and not as distracting as I thought it would be. I wish I could see outside, but I’d probably get distracted pretty easily, just staring out the window. I saw an awesome Great Blue Heron out on the pond yesterday when I was talking on the phone to Tod during lunch. It was so pretty and HUGE. =)

So, the hardness of my bed is starting to get to me. I felt too bad about it to mention it when my landlady mentioned the mattress on the phone the other night, but I just had to e-mail her about it tonight. My shoulders and neck hurt in the morning, and when I lay down on the other two beds in the house this afternoon, I realized how much worse mine is than theirs. =( I was on the verge of tears. It’s like sleeping on a big wood crate with a slightly bendable top. I hope she isn’t upset by the e-mail, but I just wanted to let her know – even though she won’t be able to do anything to help me, at least she’ll know not to have her guests sleep there after I move out. =\ Until then… I will make the best of it and try to find a cheap mattress pad.

I’m watching a very interesting Discovery Channel show called, “The Anatomy of Sex.” I think I’ll get back to that and back to work. Goodnight, all.


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  1. Jenny

    I’m so glad things are going so well!!

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