move: phase I complete

It is 10:20 p.m. on Thursday. Today, Tod helped me complete Phase I of my move: getting every damn thing I own home. =P It was a long, long day. I had brought home one load of stuff already, but nothing major until today. He and I got to the truck rental place bright and early to pick up the 16-footer and cautiously maneuver it back to my apartment. Definitely not my favorite thing to drive, but I felt like it gave me a small excuse window for being a timid, slow driver. Like other drivers would empathize and think, “Yeah, big trucks are hard to drive,” instead of the usual, “Slow bitch, get off the road!” if I were in my own car. =)

Anyway, we took a little too long getting things in and out of the big truck, so we didn’t have time to unload my car, forcing me to go back and forth a bit more than I wanted. But oh well, I didn’t want Tod to be late for work. And I’m glad we left right when we did, because we had just enough time to fuel up, return the truck, grab Wendy’s drive-thru and get back to my apartment to switch cars. What a crazy day. By that point, it was 2:30, so I loaded a couple more things and headed home to get rid of that initial carload. Little did I know, the last one would be the biggest and put me on the brink of a breakdown.

I thought load 3 (in my car) would be the easiest, since it was supposed to be all Memphis-bound stuff. Then it turned into mostly Memphis-bound stuff. Finally, it became about half and half, with the larger items (vacuum, tree, etc.) belonging to the non-Memphis clan. Each time I went back in to get something else, the pile didn’t seem to be shrinking. I started sort of hyperventilating with each pass, wanting more and more to be done and on my way home. My goal was to be done there by 7 p.m. Finally, I managed to squeeze the last thing in, do one last sweep of the apartment and lock my keys inside for my landlord to pick up at a later date. I found it ironic that it took me less work to clean the fridge upon departure than it had when I moved in. Funny… I ended up leaving at 7:05, which I thought was OK, considering I’d taken at least 5 min. meeting a woman from the next building, who I’ll never seen again but who was really nice and had a really cute Papillon Poodle (mostly papillon) dog who kept smiling at me and jumping on my knees. =) Love.

But now everything is home and I’m as sore as can be, from head to toe to fingertips (which were used to carry a dresser by its lip and yank on the edges of couch pillows to get them through doorways – ow…). I’ve taken two doses of Bayer Back & Body today, but I seem to be immune to solace. I should’ve had that glass of wine like I’d planned…

So, apparently my siblings (all of them: bro, SIL, sis, BIL and niece) are coming over tomorrow night for pizza and goodbyes. Weird. I knew my bro & SIL would get over here before I left town, but the rest? Surprising. I felt bad that I couldn’t attend my niece’s play in Hartland last night, but at least there don’t seem to be hard feelings about it. I’m not sure I’m going to have a chance to see my dad before I go though… I just can’t imagine not spending every one of these last minutes and hours with Tod, as lame as that sounds. I’m going to miss him so much. =( I’m so thankful that he was willing to help me and get all sore and sweaty and winded today. I’m also glad I told him to change his shirt before we started, so his work shirt wouldn’t get all nasty. It definitely would’ve. =P

All right, I have to finish one more report and then go to bed. Longest day ever…


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