counting down

I feel the need to timestamp these entries myself, since Blogger seems to think I’m in some other time zone, despite changing my settings and checking them twice. So, it’s almost midnight, just for the record.

I’m nearing zero hour on moving out. It’s actually going more smoothly than I thought it would, even though I’ve run into a couple snafus, such as thinking I was going to have, “Just one more carload!” before loading up for Memphis, but it looks like that won’t be the case. My hope is that I’ll have enough additional room to still fit everything and make one trip home at the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday). I spent most of the day packing and getting started on cleaning. Bright and early tomorrow, Tod will show up here and we’ll drive up to Plymouth Road to acquire the moving truck. Back down here to load up the long list of things that need to go in it (and maybe, hopefully, a few others, just to make my life easier), then home to drop them off, along with the current carload (the “last”… until after I clean).

I’m hoping things will move quickly tomorrow. I want to take Tod to lunch at the hotel Thai place, but that won’t happen unless we’re done and ready to go there well before he has to work. Then I’ll clean, return my video, return the Payless shoes, get my free Potbelly sandwich and head home… then probably spend all night working on my second job, since I’m way behind. =\ Oh, life.

I missed my cousin’s funeral, lunch with my friends and my niece’s fairytale play because of packing today. I wish I could’ve been done sooner so I could’ve made it to at least two of the three, but such was not the case. =( I know this move isn’t as rushed as my move from Holt to Dexter was last year, but it seems even more so and even more stressful, because of the distance and the planning involved. Oh, and the furniture. Can’t forget that. =P

All right, I think I’m going to finish things up for the night and hit the hay. Seven o’clock is going to come earlier than I want it to…


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