last week

Well, I’m back from Memphis. And it’s been one of those days where I don’t really feel like talking to anyone or doing anything, so please forgive me if you called or wrote and I didn’t get back to you – it’s not you, it’s me.

Memphis was a trip, to say the least. My mom and I left between 6:30 and 7 a.m. on Monday and arrived after 6 that night. They’re an hour behind, in Central Standard Time, so we were able to get there well ahead of schedule. I had two appointments set up for that night. Luckily, one was canceled (though about as last-minute as possible…), but the other one was out in the boonies and we kept getting lost, so by the end of the night, I was worn out and bawling. (Not to mention PMS-ing, as I discovered the next day.) The guy we met was very nice, but his house was kind of dingy, his neighborhood very Ypsilanti Township, the location pretty far from work and the circumstances just not ideal. I would’ve had two rooms to furnish myself, and there’s a chance he’ll be relocated to Guantanamo Bay in the next few months, working as a JAG attorney for the Navy. =P Glad that wasn’t my first choice…

After we left his house and got lost a little more, we blazed our own trail (friggin’ Google Maps) back to the hotel. On the way, we were about a car length away from an accident. We managed to get around without shredding our tires on the broken glass and everyone appeared to be OK. After that, I was done for the night. I couldn’t take any more. I was ready to go straight home, job be damned. I cried on my rock-hard hotel bed until my mom coaxed me up with promises of delivered pizza and tiramisu. =) I got plenty of sleep that night and started the next day as fresh-faced as I could.

Tuesday morning, I met Ai-Thuy, the sweetest girl in the whole world. She reminded me of my cousin Rachel and said she’d be my first friend in Memphis. Her apartment was filled with pink items and Hello Kitty, and she was wearing a Hannah Montana tank top (despite being older than I am). Her rent was too high, though, so I left smiling but checking it off the list. We took a tour of Country Squire, which had beautiful units, 6 awesome pools and a fitness center, but the leases were all 12 months, and even with their current specials, too high for me to deal with, especially if I had to break my contract (it would cost about $4,000), so I had to say no. We met with Betty, a real estate agent with a huge house only a few minutes from work. She was renting out her master suite with a king-sized bed for $650/mo. She had a great pool and the sweetest old dog and cats. But my mom was unimpressed and the price was too high for me. I was still hopeful that my initial first choice would pan out.

And it did. Even though she’d already rented out the initial bedroom to another guy, my new landlord still wanted me to live there. We went over on Tuesday night and found her house (with relative ease) in a cute little subdivision between Memphis and Cordova. She’s on a corner lot and her section of homes is in a semi-circle, so there’s a little courtyard there. No one really uses this area, but it’s nice anyway. There’s a weird overgrown lot next door, but a nice little restaurant and a plant nursery nearby. And I guess the rich farmer (made rich by selling his farmland to developers to build the community) still grows lots of fresh veggies, so that’ll be something to look forward to this summer. There’s a sweet old couple a few houses down who looks out for my landlord, so my mom and I met them and got acquainted while we were there. My landlord also took us on a drive through the huge rec area, Shelby Farms Park, showing us the various trail heads, ponds, parking areas, waterfowl spots, etc. It was awesome and doesn’t cost to get in! We then went to dinner at the famous Corky’s BBQ, which also happened to be next door to our hotel. I was quiet the whole time and made sure to let my landlord know I was just shy and not a total puke – it’s usually 50-50 in how I come off to people. =) She didn’t seem fazed by it though. At the end of the night, we agreed I should live there, so I left my bike and chair frame in the garage and headed out.

On Wednesday, I met up with my coworkers at the office, and we drove over to Rafferty’s for lunch. They told me about their individual duties, razzed me for drinking unsweetened iced tea, asked about my background and were generally nice guys (and one gal). I got another tour of the office, but I still have no idea where anything is. =) In the afternoon, I took my mom to Graceland as her birthday treat. What an expensive ordeal! But it was at least half worth it… maybe… We ended up inadvertently purchasing the “VIP” package, so we got to see the automobiles, airplanes, jumpsuits and Army display as well. We then ventured over to the Mississippi River, since neither of us had seen it before. We missed our exit, so we didn’t end up on the bridge we’d planned to take, but we did get off in a spot that allowed us to drive along the river and see the end of Beale Street, with all of the famous restaurant signs visible. That part was pretty cool. Then we high-tailed it out of the slums and back to civilization in time for dinner at the Outback and dessert at a custard joint called Sheridan’s. Yum!

We headed toward Nashville before 6 on Thursday morning and arrived back in Chelsea around 7. Long, long day… The traffic in Indiana was pretty awful, so I’m still undecided on which route I’m going to take when I return to Memphis. I’ll probably go the same way because I’m familiar with it, but we’ll see; I’m just not sure I can take any more of Indianapolis. =\

So, this week will consist of job #2, packing, making arrangements to move stuff home, moving stuff home, spending time with Tod/parents/friends, packing my car for Memphis, saying my goodbyes, etc. I’ve also been pondering a haircut and a bit of pampering before I go, but I guess that depends how much the moving part costs. I’d like to cut the hair, maybe highlight it (probably not), get a manicure and pedicure. I’ve already got flip-flop calloused feet and it’s not even summer! I need something to make me feel pretty while I’m working my way back to a decent weight. =(

I went over to Tod’s tonight for Chinese food, cuddling and “Planet Earth” viewing. His parents got home in time for the last one, but both ended up going to bed before the two episodes were over. The kitty spent a good deal of time on my lap, which was unexpected and nice. He must’ve known it would be my last visit. I’ll probably see Tod again tomorrow, as well as Sunday and Monday. Sigh. I’m going to miss that boy…

All right, bedtime. Have a good Memorial Day, kidlets.


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