heart… melting…

I really need to get on that whole “Get incredibly rich, adopt 25 dogs and start a dog ranch” idea. Every time I look at Petfinder or see a Craigslist posting saying, “These dogs have only 9 more days!” it’s like a punch in the gut. There are so many people who can’t have dogs where they are, even if they love them or want one. The closer our quarters become (urban sprawl), the fewer chances these animals have of being adopted. I understand apartment complexes and rental houses having no-pet policies, because they want to be able to find someone to take up the lease in the future, so there need to be people with dog ranches. So, I either need to be independently wealthy and hire a dog-care staff, or I need to join forces with several friends who also love dogs and buy a sufficiently large commune-type house with at least 20 fenced acres and an out building that will work as a supply shed. And they need an indoor space with at least five dog doors, just like on that episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” =) If I could, I would, doggies. At the very least, I want to be able to buy a house with a yard someday and become a foster for rescue dogs. I think that’s a little more attainable. But I’ll never stop dreaming big!

I spent the morning at the local Honda dealer, seeing about the squealing when I turn the car 90 degrees. The theory was prematurely dirty differential fluid (common among several Honda models), and even though the service guys couldn’t make it happen, they replaced it for free anyway and told me to come back if it continues. I noticed a difference in the three-minute drive to work, so I think that was the fix I needed – hooray! Now I have to tell my boss, because she’s experiencing the same thing. I guess it’s normally $60 and something that should be done every 30k miles (who knew?), so I’ll keep that in mind for the future. It’s funny that the techs couldn’t replicate it, though, since it’s been happening to me a solid 100% of the time, but I don’t think they were aware of the 90-degree requirement. Anyway, it seems to be resolved now, so I’m happy.

This is my second-to-last day working in Ann Arbor. Yikes! I still have a lot to do, and will be spending an hour today and some time tomorrow cleaning out my office, figuring out what stays and what goes home in my Staples box (which I’ve been using for at least four years now). I just hope I don’t forget to do anything before I go tomorrow…

Also, cutest moment of the past couple weeks: one of the guys at my office, Dave, popped his head in to say he won’t be here tomorrow to go out to lunch with us. Between 2 weeks and a month after I started here (last February), he and I went to the Michigan DU convention, played with the litter of black lab puppies he was considering (from which he chose his dog Raven) and drove back to AA together that night. I remember talking on the way about how mean young girls can be (he has a middle-school-aged daughter) and how I lost my two best friends in the 7th grade through the band-camp delivery of one cruel note they wrote about me. He said today, “Ever since we went to the convention together last year, I’ve always felt a sort of special connection to you.” From any other adult male, that might sound creepy, but from Dave it’s just sweet and old-manish. He’s very much a dad figure. The whole thing is extra surprising because of how stiff and unapproachable other people think he is. I remember saying, “I didn’t have any trouble talking to him…,” and their shocked looks and responses, especially the interns. I’ll miss Dave.

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