finally setting in

It started setting in today. First, it was just that I was leaving GLARO, as I fielded a few premature goodbyes and put all my stuff in the Staples box. Then, as I met Mandy & Carla for dinner at Potbelly, I realized I was leaving this state and everyone in it. It’s going to be rough. I know I’ll be busy and moving will be hectic, but I know I’m going to cry a lot. And my heart is going to break when I see Tod for the last time. And my mom will cry, which will make me cry. And… hell, I’m crying just writing this!

The girls and I had dinner and were entertained by the guy washing the windows. I saw a cute, droopy basset hound in the car next to me. Then we came back to my place and watched the season finale of Top Model. My pick won! =)

I have set up at least three appointments to meet people about housing in Memphis, which makes me feel more at ease. Sounds like the daytime hours will consist of apartment complexes and a stop at DU, and the evenings will be meeting individuals and seeing rooms for rent. I had to schedule one of them for the night we arrive, so hopefully we don’t get held up or have problems on the way. I’m trying to figure out if I should bring something big (papasan chair or bike) so if I pick a place and it’s all squared away, I will have one less thing to fill up the back of my car. Both of those are things that will make it impossible to bring much else, so they seem like the best bets. Maybe a floor lamp too? We’ll see. I don’t know how much I trust people. =P

Tomorrow is my last day. Wow. I was sad to find out Nina’s going to be in the field and won’t be there for lunch or happy hour. Not that I’m positive we’re still doing the latter (depends on weather and interest), but if we do. I suggested maybe hanging out at Mike’s on Friday night, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll have great weather, and she may not be available then either. Oh, well. Hopefully I’ll get one more chance to see everyone in the area before I leave for good. Mostly Mandy & Carla, but others too. It’s going to be so weird…

Back to work. I should be down to 2.5 hours for the week after tonight! Won’t be finished before Friday unless I end up coming home after work tomorrow instead of going out, but I’ll be close. Hooray!


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