You’d think after saying, “I don’t want to get ahead of myself,” 100 times, I would stop getting so damn ahead of myself! The woman who I was subconsciously counting on to rent me a room in her house found another tenant. She’s been so nice to me throughout this process, and continues to be nice now, telling me to still come by when I’m in town, see the house, figure out if maybe I’d like to stay with them for a little while, till I find something else in the area (or if I decide to run home after 3 months). I told her I’d still come by, and thanked her for her kindness, then spent a half-hour crying ridiculously over the newly fallen stress. I need to stop counting on things that aren’t engraved in stone (or at least scribbled on a signed contract).

I have spent part of the day e-mailing all of the people with whom I’ve let balls drop over housing. One person e-mailed to say her apartment is still open, and even though the price is a little high for me, I’m definitely going to look at it. The dude with a couple spare bedrooms said there’s still one open, but he’s not sure he wants to rent it out – I’m meeting up with him too. I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple more, and a renewed ad on Craigslist has piqued a few other people’s interest, so I’m trying to remain optimistic about the whole thing. Most of the stress comes with knowing my mom and I won’t be down there long, and having gotten used to the idea of living with a nice adult with a spare furnished room, the alternative of ending up in some roach-infested “little Mexico” apartment complex is jarring, to say the least. I really hope something decent works out…

Other than that, pretty much nothing is going on. I’m trying to wrap up this Web project, but it’s not going to be done, mostly because I need content from people who are going to be busy all week. Luckily, I’ve been approved to keep doing some work on it once I start in Memphis, so I can keep the ball rolling for GLARO. Phew. Since I can do the work from home, too, that may be something I pass the time with, if I find myself needing to pass time for some reason (doubtful) – that’s a sure sign of job enjoyment, at least.

In happier news, we’ll be going out to lunch on Thursday and some of us will be partaking in happy hour at Dominick’s (weather permitting) for sangria and an al fresco send-off for me after work. Nina suggested going to Mike’s for horseshoes and grilling on Friday night, but that’s not a sure thing yet. Then Tod and I will be heading to GR for dinner, a baseball game and my goodbye to the kids there. (I find it strange that coworkers and friends even want to say goodbye to me, but that’s a story for a different post.) THEN my mom and I will leave for Memphis early Monday morning, stay three nights in what I hope won’t be a scary “Studio Plus Deluxe” and try to get my housing squared away…

Now I will stop hyperventilating and get back to work. Hope everyone’s having a good week!!

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