mostly a recap

I’m writing this on a stolen wireless signal, because mine isn’t working for some reason. Le sigh. I was really determined to do some proofing, though, so here I am. Now I’m taking a break. =P

I heard about a got milk? promotion with Curves that let women have two weeks free at Curves for bringing in three milk jug caps. Well, of course, I was naive enough to think I wouldn’t have to sign up for something to get the free weeks. But the girl working that day was very sweet and told me I could just do the two weeks anyway; screw the club owner and his “rules.” Hah. Too bad I have no idea how I’m going to convince them to let me work out when I go back. Today was my “first workout,” so I was on the schedule for 11 o’clock and someone took me around the circuit, but I don’t have an id tag or anything, so I’m going to have to explain the situation every time I go in for the next two weeks. I really hope I never go in when the owner’s working – he seems like an ornery old jerk. What kind of man runs a Curves? It shouldn’t be allowed. =P But, anyway, it felt really good to get my heart rate up for a little while and listen to other women tell stories about weddings and other stereotypically female things. Good times.

Last night, I went over to Tod’s for pizza and Scattergories. Jet’s took forever to bring the food, so we were all pretty famished by the time it arrived. Then the delivery person almost drove off because he didn’t think he was in the right place, without even going to the door to ask for directions or help finding the place. Tod finally had told them about Memphis that day at lunch, so I didn’t have to break the news of my imminent departure.

I went to dinner with my dad, brother and SIL tonight at Grizzly Peak. After I remembered to e-mail my entire family and tell them I was leaving town at the end of the month, my dad suggested getting together, you know, before I moved away. =P It was good to see them, but honestly, I don’t need negative feedback. I’m already nervous and don’t like the idea of being 11 hours from home. But then my dad says, “Well, you know, if they don’t offer you a solid full-time job after the year is up, you can’t work for them anymore – they’re just using you.” I had to force myself not to roll my eyes. I’m not stupid and, while I hadn’t even considered the possibility of their helping me relocate, I wasn’t about to accept $10/hr. I know better than to let myself get screwed over, especially as I get older and draw closer to that “real life” thing that involves living somewhere permanently and having more expenses than a nomad college grad/potential lifelong student.

So, anyway, I called my mom on the walk back to the parking structure to vent my frustrations to one of the few people who seem excited about this opportunity. I almost cried when she said, “It hit me the next morning after you took the job. I woke up and said to myself, ‘I didn’t actually encourage her to go, did I?'” I know she’s going to miss me (even though I go home only once a week these days), but she’s still happy that I’m making strides. She’s trying to think of it like three months instead of 12, because it’s easier for her to fathom, but she’s ready to accept my staying there a full year. I’m just remaining open-minded right now. Seems like the best course of action at this point.

I think I’m going to start packing some things tomorrow, whatever I can think of that I don’t foresee needing much between now and the end of the month. I bought six Rubbermaid totes at Meijer a couple weeks ago, so I have a place for things. Only problem is, I need to separate what I’d need if I rented a furnished room and what I’d need if I lived alone. But I don’t think that’ll be impossible. We’ll see how it goes.

All right, this entry has been written gradually over the course of over an hour, so I think I’ll wrap it up. Tod’s at a LAN party, but he’ll be over in a couple hours, so I’m looking forward to seeing him, even if it’s only overnight. For now, I’m getting back to work!


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