put on my blue suede shoes?

I am about a half-step away from spending the summer in Memphis. Honestly, who is naive enough to sign on for three hot months alongside the steamy Mississippi River? I am! What I’m waiting on now is confirmation of the numbers I discussed with AJ. I have been digging furiously through Craigslist and the classifieds, on the lookout for housing options. I have found a handful of promising options, which I’m keeping at a simmer until all of the details are ironed, folded and put away. I could be rooming with a guy my age, a 46-year-old professor or a 31-year-old grammar school teacher, among others.

It took me a lot of hard thinking to get to this place. And even though I know the worst isn’t over (especially the hurried moving and the goodbyes), I’m trying to feel at ease for the moment, keep my focus on getting these Web pages ready before I ride off into the southern sunset. It will be an interesting change of pace and a chance to learn several new things, work with different people, continue building report with DU. I’m excited to add a third line to my résumé that effectively says, “Yes, they did love me this much!”

Back to work for now. If you’ve seen those freeway warning signs in mountainous areas – “Steep Grade Ahead” – you know how I’m starting to feel. It’s just 5% for now, but things can change in a hurry.


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