live via satellite?

Every time I hope decisions will be easy, they never are. I faced this last June when I was offered a position with Great American Publishing, and now I’m facing it again with DU/Memphis.

I spoke with AJ today about the position. A $10/hr internship didn’t exactly sound ideal, but I was considering it and definitely wanted to learn more about it, if nothing else. He’d said that bringing in someone with my prior knowledge probably would change the job description a bit. He described those changes on the phone, including a big fund-raising push, a new Web campaign and in-depth analysis of pages using Google Analytics. Those are three things I’ve never done, so I can’t say whether I’m psyched, worried or just plain “meh” about helping with them. I think it would be a good challenge, but that’s about it.

Then he threw out the twist: 1) He has tentative approval for $12.50/hr and a “part-time” status, rather than intern, and 2) If I want the job, it’s mine – he doesn’t even want to interview anyone else if I want it. Yikes! What am I supposed to say to that?? I told him about my appointment at MSU this Friday, to talk with an adviser about the Vet Tech program, and that I’d get back to him next week after I’d talked with her and thought more about it. I guess he’ll be out of the office till Tuesday anyway, so that gives me a nice cushion, but still – ahh! Too much, too quick, too soon!

Every time I talk to Tod on the phone or see him in person, my heart melts just a little bit more and I have no desire to take even a step away, let alone 11.5 hours south. But when I’m alone and at the office, I think more about my “career” and myself, so I entertain the notion of going to Memphis. It doesn’t jump out at me as, “Yes! Yes! Must go!,” so it’s still a 50-50 for me. I’m going to keep thinking and see how Friday goes, then see where the weekend takes me. Since Tod is planning to spend the night on Saturday, I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough process for me. =\ Mer.

What would you do?

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