convertibles, swings, other marvelous things

It’s official: I was raised by the wrong parents. That was proven to me in the course of a few hours with the Schlegelmilches this weekend. Tod and I met up after his class and my financial workshop, did some shopping at Meijer and headed to Chelsea to see his parents. We had a great dinner of grilled chicken, potatoes, salad and bread, then decided to head into town to take a walk and get some ice cream (something my parents would never do/suggest). We drove there in his parents’ “new” Sebring convertible, which although a little scary for me, was pretty sweet. I got to see Tod as he would look with Beatles bangs – cute! =) We parked at Heydlauff’s (the north end of town) and walked south to the ice cream place by Pierce Park. There, we saw the Minnick mom, some other CFMC people, Aaron Montero and John McCormick. That last one surprised me, not having seen him since a random encounter at a church group my freshman year of college. He, Tod and I chatted for a few minutes (after I reminded Tod who John was, of course =P), and John asked if we were engaged. Our immediate reaction was simultaneous laughter. John seemed really content, which was great to hear/see, so after some golden retriever petting (not sure who they belonged to) we went on our way. Before we could get past Pierce Park, I had a yearning for the swings, which is not uncommon for me. Tod warned of the stomach turmoil that would ensue after having wolfed down a big dinner and a “Dirty Harry” sundae next door, but I went for it anyway… and so did the other three. I have never seen parents on swings unless they were holding toddlers on their laps. I was shocked! (This is yet another thing my parents would never do, along with owning a convertible, which I forgot to note along the way.) Tod got the highest of the four of us, and Bev had a little trouble stopping at the end, and it was all so much fun. =)

After walking back, we drove to the house and tried to decide what to do next. We discussed Tod’s dad’s hatred of board games, and Tod seemed to be trying to perform psychoanalysis to figure out why he hated them so much. We dug through the games closet, but didn’t come up with anything good. In the end, we sat down for a few rounds of Crazy Eights (something I haven’t played in SO LONG), then the parents taught us how to play Euchre. I have always loathed that game, mostly because I associate it with Monty Python and the Princess Bride – there’s just too much ridiculous hype and subculture surrounding all three things, so I want to stay as far away as possible. But playing it in a casual learning environment and picking things up as I went along was a lot more fun than I’d imagined it would be. Tod was thoroughly disgusted with the 2-3 dealing technique, which I happily employed to get a rise out of him. =) Bev and I ended up winning, which was exciting too!

We rounded out the evening by giving the parents an abridged explanation of Munchkin (which I’d brought on Tod’s request) while Tod and I started a game. (He wanted a rematch after the Euchre trouncing.) It was after 10 p.m. and that game is really complicated, so, as I’d predicted, his parents wandered away from the table without knowing much more about Munchkin than they’d known already. I think Tod’s finally come to grips with the fact that we’ll never play as a family. ;)

Anyway, other stuff has happened since then, but nothing particularly notable. My apartment is a mess right now, which makes me sad, but since I didn’t get any proofing work done this weekend, I won’t have much time to clean this week. I am waiting to hear back from Memphis after asking 12 questions about the internship opening. It sounds like I’ll be talking with my potential supervisor on the phone sometime soon to hash out more details about the position and what it would entail if I: a) was selected, b) chose to take it, c) made it past/chose to continue after three months. It sounds as though the specifics of the job would change if it was made long-term like that, something I guess they want to do only if I’m interested? Because I’m that awesome? I don’t get it. But, anyway, I hope to hear back from him soon about that. Other jobs are just sort of floating around in the ether, as I haven’t heard back yet. I keep tempting myself by looking at job boards, but at this point, unless I hear something about another application, I’m either going to Memphis or staying home for a little while. I don’t want to start introducing unnecessary chaos to the mix.

All right, I’m going to stop whining/wondering/rambling and get back to work. Have a good week, youngins!


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