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So, I’m blogging from my bed, waiting for Tod to call and say he got home from Sidetrack all right. We met up with his library coworkers tonight as sort of a “wish you well” evening out before his boss’s upcoming surgery. It was a good time. =) I hadn’t seen him since Saturday, so I was definitely getting a little lonely…

However, the meat of this post relates back to its title. So, I was commissioned to spend my last four months at DU reworking our office’s Web site, which resembles the national DU site but stands alone on our office’s server. Well, we found out in the beginning stages (after I’d coded the homepage) that we could be using our national office’s content management system (CMS) to keep everything organized and make it easier to stay within NHQ’s template framework, since they change things on occasion (like the search field, header graphic, etc.) and we wouldn’t have to keep updating this way. Since I won’t be here after May, it probably just wouldn’t get it done at all, making the site effectively out of date right from the start. =P So now we’re working with national.

And we’re working with a guy named AJ who is a little slow on returning e-mails, but who’s very nice when he does and helps me out a lot. He’s the main Web guy down in Memphis and I chatted with him a bit when I was down there for a week last October. ANYway, he’s been saying in the last couple e-mails what a great job he thinks I’m doing on the pages he’s seen. Now, I’m the first to say I’m not doing that great a job, and I’m happy to say that now – he’s seen only two of the pages, and they probably will be the most impressive of the bunch, but they’re just click-throughs and things that let you jump down the page a bit. Nothing fancy. But he thinks so, so woo!

So I get an e-mail from him today saying, “I know your internship at GLARO is going to be over soon. What will you be doing after that?” I gave him the brief rundown and he responded with, “Reason I ask is I just posted this internship position within my department at headquarters. It’s basically like the job you applied for down here last year,” (where the job wasn’t supposed to be posted in the first place because they’d already chosen someone internally), “but it’s a summer gig.” I thought that was really nice of him to bring it up, but I wasn’t so sure about the idea of Memphis for the whole summer, when I’d been planning to go back to Chelsea and work out and just hang for a bit till I decided what to do next. Well, then he e-mails me AGAIN saying, “Oh, and hey, if you’re really interested in this, there is a strong chance I will be able to make it a 12-month internship instead of 3 or 4.” Ha! So random. I’m thinking to myself, Is he just making this up as he goes along? Highly suspect.

I secretly had hoped there was a “real job” opening down there. Not that I can envision myself in Memphis forever, or even that I’d WANT to go down there for a while, but this still conflicts with my “plan,” so I’m hesitant to pursue it. My boss said, if she were in that situation, she would put herself directly in the driver’s seat. She’d say she was interested in the 12 months, but that she’d like to use the first 3 months as a sort of test run to make sure it’s the right fit for her. It gets a little mucky there because of the difference between moving somewhere for a summer and being somewhere for a whole year. If I sign on for a sublease in a furnished unit for the summer, that’ll be OK. But if I then decide to stay in Memphis for another 9 months, I have to find a new living situation or try to make that one longer term. And if I’m dealing with college students, that’s usually not as easy to do, since they’re coming and going by semester and will be back in the fall. Plus, Memphis is a HUGE place, so renting “in Memphis” may still mean I’m 45 minutes away from the office, which is actually on the very eastern edge of the city, in Germantown.

Regardless of all that, I’m just not sure how keen I am on the whole thing. I probably will post the job description at some point, but I don’t have it handy at the moment to share. I just needed to write this out now and see if any initial thoughts or feelings would come to me as I did so. …they didn’t. =P So now I must ponder. Do I want to be an intern again? Do I really like the job I’d be doing? Is it worth it to move to Tennessee? Can I handle making $10/hour again? Will I still be able to do my other job (and retract the new 30 hpw commitment I made for after May 15)? Will my mom kill me as soon as I bring this whole thing up? heh. For now, I’m going to bed.

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