I should at least get a lollipop for my trouble

So, I went to the doctor yesterday. The original plan was to get a physical and a Pap test, but biology doesn’t always coincide with appointments, so the latter half will have to wait until April 22. It probably would’ve worked out yesterday, but I’m not great at quantifying that sort of thing, so we just skipped it.

I guess I never realized what a physical actually is, never having had one. At least at this office, it’s almost exactly what I get when I go in for being sick, like when I used to go in for ear infections and the like. Check your eyes, your ears, your nose, your heartbeat. A few extra reflex, eye and belly-thumping tests, but that was about it. A big chunk of it was Q&A from a form. Had I known that, I would’ve been more revealing on my first pass with the form, but I figured it was a formality and I didn’t want anyone’s shorts in a bunch because I marked Yes to, “Have you been feeling depressed or hopeless lately?” I always feel like that, so i just said No, figuring we could move on to the part where they actually make me do something to prove my unhealthiness, like run on a treadmill. Alas, nothing of the sort. But I did come clean about the depression/stress/psychiatric issues thing and was given some recommendations for seeking help. Hopefully I’ll be able to use them sometime, though I fear the initial appointment, because I know they’re going to request that I come back once a week FOREVER. If you read my last post, you understand why.

Anyway, the PA I had was very easy to talk to and joke with, which made the whole thing much easier. I was loathing having the actual doctor come in, because I couldn’t imagine her being as good or better than the PA, but she was actually really great too. Perhaps I’ll have to start saying she’s my “usual” doctor, considering I’ve seen her and the guy who took out my lipoma about the same amount.

This morning, having unintentionally fasted just the right length of time, I decided to go in and have my blood drawn, since that was on the agenda after yesterday. I actually like doing that; it reminds me that I need to donate again sometime. I get an e-mail every other day telling me about blood drives at MSU, but that’s a little inconvenient now, so I should figure out where I can give around here instead. It’ll never be as convenient as second-floor Bryan Hall common room and being able to stumble down the hall to my bed, but I’d rather do it than not, so I should definitely find out where to go. Anyway, they took only two vials today, and I definitely remember them taking four up at MSU, so I was a little disappointed. =P Good times though.

Also yesterday… I met up with Tod to get him cleats for Ultimate Frisbee, since his dad’s were much too big and giving him blisters. At MC Sports, we found him the $30 pair he’d been searching for, then got him some new socks and shoes from Target, but I guess the latter were too big, so hopefully he was able to return/exchange them today. We stopped in at PetSmart to look at the kitties, fish, reptiles, hamsters and PEEGS!, then had dinner at Red Robin. Man, it was busy there. And SO MANY BIRTHDAYS. Wow. I said we should go there on Aug. 26 this year, so they can make some sort of huge deal about the fact that we’re both having a birthday. Speaking of… Has anyone ever just gone to as many restaurants as they can that offer free sundaes and cakes and special shit on your birthday? I think that would be fun. If you went with a group, each stop could yield a bite for everyone or a dessert for one of the people in the party. Of course, you’d have to order at least one thing off the menu, but I bet that could be minimal. Something to think about for this year…

Right, so, the doc seems to think I’m pretty healthy, which is good. We didn’t go into much about the PCOS because my hormones seem to have stabilized enough for proper cycles, but really… there’s so much more to it than that. Perhaps I’ll mention it on the 22nd. I also have to figure out if my insurance covers Gardasil, because I don’t want to end up with a $200 charge if it doesn’t. Not that I’m all that gung-ho to get it, but y’know – one more thing to delay death!


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