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Has anyone seen the, “Dinnertime, little munchkin. C’mon!” IKEA commercial? Oh, it makes me laugh.

So, I spent a lot of time out of the office today, running around town. I took two cars to be detailed. On the second trip to Big Daddy’s car wash, the Trailblazer hiccuped. The engine was still running, but the steering wheel wouldn’t budge and the pedals were stiff. I was sitting in the turn lane, unable to go left. I put on the emergency flashers and called the office. Apparently Nina had experienced the same thing and turning off/restarting the car fixed the problem. It did the same for me, but the receptionist told me to take it to the mechanic after the car wash. I think he had been given incorrect information the first time, because he seemed to think it was stalling, so maybe they’ll be able to figure out the issue this time. Later in the day, I picked up a coworker from Metro Airport and met with her and my boss about advocacy out east. I didn’t end up getting anything done on the Web site all day. =P So much for being motivated…

The weather was wonderful today! I was so thankful to be out in it, even if it meant I was running other people’s errands. After work, I gathered up my energy (difficult, for some reason) and finally hit the sidewalk just after 6. I walked to the video store to return “Into the Wild,” then walked to Trader Joe’s for a few groceries. It was mostly just for fun, since I didn’t really need anything, and it was an excuse to get out and get my heart rate up for a while. Best part? I got sparking pomegranate juice. It. Is. AMAZING. I am forcing myself not to drink the entire 36 ounces in one sitting…

Wow, I’m getting tired now. It took a while, but it’s starting to set in. Maybe I can get to bed a little earlier tonight than most nights recently. That would be nice.

Yeah, too tired to concentrate on writing anymore. ‘Night all!


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