The combination of not having to work today and having it be beautifully sunny out FILLS ME WITH JOY. Plus, we’re going to Grand Rapids! It feels like it’s been forever since we drove out there. It’ll be good to see everyone, and I’ve been wanting to check out the butterfly exhibit at Frederik Meijer since I heard about it a few years ago. Hooray! I borrowed (covertly) a camera from work, so I may be able to document some of the trip, which will be nice. I may spend most of the drive pestering Tod with the camera too. =)

I’m trying to tidy up my apartment before Tod gets here. I hate leaving it all messy and coming back to it after a weekend away. If we don’t stay overnight, we’ll be getting back late, and not coming back to blankets strewn about and dirty dishes in the sink is preferable.

Yesterday, I took another half day at work and went over to Tod’s after a load of laundry and a stop at my mom’s to drop off a check and some cookies I’d made. Tod and I played some more SNES games (including a rousing round of Jeopardy!, using player names such as Feces, Rectum, Bukket and Nugget), had dinner with the ‘rents (haha) and played Cranium with them. Little did I know, Tod’s dad has hated playing board games this whole time. Why didn’t anyone say anything??! I always bring a game because they seem to enjoy it, but he was definitely not feeling it last night, so we stopped after one round. I probably won’t bring it again…

Oh, and the cookies… When I opened my “baking cabinet” the other night (which I hadn’t opened for a while, without a working oven), I realized my brown sugar was in one giant, hard clump from the moist air after the flood. The baking powder appeared to be ruined too. Two boxes of cake mix had ants in them, which filled me with blinding rage. After dumping all that in the trash, getting the oven door back (but not the handle, because that’s missing ANOTHER piece that requires ordering – probably won’t show up till after I move out) and wanting to bake cookies, I grabbed my reusable Trader Joe’s bag and hoofed it over to Kroger for supplies. I bought ground turkey and Kaiser rolls, too, and made delicious Italian turkey burgers (chopped garlic, paprika and basil). I baked the cookies that night, too, using both semi-sweet and white chocolate chips and Alton Brown’s “The Chewy” recipe from the Food Network. They sort of turned out as a combination between “The Puffy” and “The Chewy,” but they were pretty good nonetheless. I ended up sharing most of them with other people and have only one left now, but that’s OK. =P

My other walking adventure this week involved a circuit around the neighborhoods behind my complex, then feeling too antsy to stay in, I went back out, walked to the video store (got “Into the Wild” – very good and tear-jerking) and then to Dairy Queen for a new Tin Roof Brownie Blizzard. It was still a wee bit too cold for ice cream and walking, but I managed to get back without losing any fingers. =)

All right, off to shower and keep cleaning up. Have a lovely sunny weekend, everyone!

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