Blargh, I’m feeling tired today. Perhaps it’s that I’m doing absolutely nothing active these days. Hmm…

Being able to curl up on the couch under a fleece blanket and watch the Food Network after work every day has been nice. Sure, I feel crappy because I’m not actually moving or doing anything remotely energetic, but I don’t miss working my second job one bit. Just think, I could’ve been doing this all along, had I decided to up and quit when I started talking about it so long ago…

Still haven’t though. Someday soon, they’ll send out an e-mail saying the next quarter has begun. I would kind of like to have at least a couple dollars of income outside DU this week, but we’ll see… I may end up with no check for this pay period. =\

Did I mention what I ended up renting at the video store the other day, after all that pondering? “The Darjeeling Limited.” It was kind of boring and I turned it off partway through to take a nap before finishing it. I don’t think I’m in the mood for “deep” movies these days. I was checking my e-mail while Tod and I watched “Garden State” the other day and I totally gave up on “Reign Over Me.” I did enjoy some “Day After Tomorrow” last night, but that has action and involvement, so it wasn’t quite so much effort to get through.

Tod suggested that I play my NES the other night, when I was struggling to come up with something to do for the evening. I thought, hey, good idea, since why else did I bring the stupid thing back with me to the apartment and set it up? But it’s just not that fun. Of course, it’s crappy 8-bit technology and I have almost no games, so that’s part of the problem. Another part is that it’s not nearly as fun to train yourself on Dr. Mario alone, because I can ascend past level 15 easily without someone else chucking pills down on my screen. What fun is that? The third part is that I’m just not that into video games, or at least one-dimensional ones with no plot or ability to hit “Save.” I did give it my best effort, though, sitting there playing DM for at least an hour. Meh.

I’m going to start watching the ads for cheap Rubbermaid totes over the next month or so. They have been sneaking their way to the top of my “Preferred Storage Method” list over the years, so I definitely need to invest in enough to hold at least all my kitchen stuff, if not everything I own. I’m going to try to find ones that are more square, so there’s less wasted space than the wider-on-top version. Also, a somewhat less hideous color than the bright red and yellow ones my mom has. My goal is to buy all the same style so they stack properly. Right now, we have at least three different styles, some with raised lips on the lids, some with flat tops, some smaller than others. Uniformity and symmetry are friends of mine (most of the time).

All right, off to accomplish something… or look for Rubbermaid containers online…


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