yes indeed, I’m walking

My hips are sore today. A sure sign that you’re out of shape is when the effects of taking a walk last for days…

I got quite a bit done on my Friday half-day last week. I got my IRA CD in Chelsea and was one of the first to learn of Keith’s brother’s engagement, because I couldn’t help but hear his mom (who works at my bank) gushing over the phone throughout my visit. =) I then parked at the library, returned things and checked other things out, and hit up the post office to mail my return to Amazon. I strolled over to Mission Marketplace to procure free coffee, but they had only decaf, which was a little disappointing. After three visits and three free cups of coffee, I decided I should purchase something, so I got an endangered species candy bar to support manatees (10% of the proceeds). I went over to Tod’s after that and we played some Super Nintendo, saw his parents briefly, picked up Chinese food and watched “Garden State.” We played several rounds of Hoopla (a Cranium offshoot), which I find very stressful to play in front of other people, but being with just Tod (as with DDR) is fine.

Saturday, Tod came over after teaching and I made us some pasta before we headed out for our walk. I wanted to use up the last carton of tomatoes my dad left on Easter, so I used them in my sauce and made a separate Alfredo for Tod. Spinach, chicken and fresh garlic went into both. In the end, I hoped mine would be healthier and tasty, but it really wasn’t all that tasty because I didn’t season it properly. His was much better. So I combined the leftovers for my later enjoyment – now it’s Alfredo with tomato, spinach and chicken… yum! We also had soft and doughy flatbread, because I still don’t have a working oven and had to microwave it. Sigh.

Our walk downtown was lengthy. We went to Beaner’s Biggby first to get two giant mint chip freezes (meh), then continued up to Kerrytown. We missed the farmer’s market, which I had forgotten happened on Saturdays, so we browsed a couple shops and then headed back downtown. We wandered Nickels Arcade and then walked back to my place. We were sore by the time we were partway back! I almost didn’t make it. =P We then watched “Nausicaa” and ended up going on a lateish BK run to acquire a snack.

Yesterday, it rained and was dreary all day. I went home to see my mom and our nearly finished new deck – it’s huge! We started dreaming up grand plans to improve the overall look and curb appeal of the house, even though my mom isn’t planning to move anytime soon. I told her I’d be happy to help repaint the remaining shed (we used to have two, but the wood one disintegrated) and the awning over the basement door. And we could dig out and replace the eroding clothesline poles. And the deck guy said he’d replace the boards on the picnic table, so those wouldn’t be rotting anymore. Then we’d just have to get someone to hack up the half a willow tree that’s hanging on the ground by the creek, take apart the dilapidated swimming pool, demolish the faded playhouse and do something with all the junk where the old shed used to be. =P Yikes. I’m hoping we’ll get through at least a couple of the tasks this summer. Oh, I also need to paint around the windows so we can finally put up curtains and blinds. I don’t really want to spend all summer with wide-open windows…

I was watching a very gimmicky TLC show last night called, “I Can Make You Thin,” and I was trying to follow along and learn their “trick” for getting people past food cravings. This woman claimed she was getting 4-5 pounds of chocolate per day and was worried she wouldn’t be around to see her tiny daughter grow up. So this British guy shows up and runs through this two-minute thing to make her stop wanting to eat chocolate: 1) Think of the nastiest food you can, that you hate the most and can’t stand even being around, let alone eating; 2) Close your eyes and imagine eating that food, picking up a fork, putting it in your mouth, chewing it – the whole works; 3) Now imagine putting something else disgusting on top, like hair or earwax or slugs; 4) Now mix in the food(s) you can’t stop eating; 5) At some point in the scenario, start pressing your middle finger and thumb together on your left hand. You’re supposed to start associating the pressure of those two fingers with this notion of disgust. Now, I usually think I’m a pretty imaginative person, but in spite of my best efforts to envision chewing raw onion covered in lint and hair and loose change, I couldn’t quite get it. The other half of the process was to squeeze your middle finger and thumb together on your right hand and associate that with thoughts and visions of times in your life that were very happy. I may have stopped watching before they indicated when you should squeeze which fingers, so my lesson stops there. I’m pretty sure the chocolate addict was squeezing her left hand whenever she was craving sweets, then rewarded herself by squeezing the right and knowing she’d be OK. Then sometimes she’d meditate and squeeze both… I guess that works? I think it would make more sense to train yourself to drink a glass of water every time you’re craving food. Then you’d be drinking more and still having something enter your face, which is often a big part of why people eat compulsively. You all can go try out this technique… let me know if it works.

On that note, I think it’s lunchtime (haha), so I’m off. Have a good one, kids!

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