spring fashion show

I love the springy colors. Not in general, but on this blog. Very happy to change it up. The autumnal colors were more to usher in/match the new blog name, not to match the season, but I felt a shift was in order, even though the ground still has snow on it and it’s almost too cold to rain. Curse you, Michigan!

My whole body tastes like garlic right now, or at least it feels that way. Nina and I stopped at La Zamaan for lunch after taking my wad of plastic bags to U-M’s campus to be recycled and get my free reusable bag. Unfortunately, they weren’t the coolest bags ever, and didn’t look anything like they claimed they would on Facebook, but they probably ran out well before today. Oh, well. I should’ve gone yesterday when it was sunny and warmish, rather than today, when it’s frigid and raining, but I kept forgetting and it was going on only during lunchtime. At least I went though!

I think I’m going to take a half day tomorrow and run errands in the afternoon. I have a package to mail from the post office and a giant IRA CD to apply for at Flagstar. If I don’t do it, the government will come after me – my taxes were filed with the understanding that it would be done by April 15, so I don’t want to forget! I really don’t want to throw down two grand, but I know it’s a good thing to do and it’s not like I’ll never see it again… I hope…

After that, I think I’ll head over to Tod’s. As far as I know, we’ll be having dinner with his parents that night and hanging out together on Saturday, after he gets done with class in the morning. No plans as of yet, but there’s the potential for NES action, as always! I wish there was another good game we could play together at his house, but we haven’t come up with anything. Not that I can guarantee it will even work on my laptop, since nothing ever seems to work on any of my computers, but y’know – we can try!

I was looking at the Flickr page of a girl from my college journalism classes today. It made me feel a little envious, seeing her admittedly tiny 300-square-foot Manhattan apartment, all neat and cute and down the street from cool places. She’s also a copy editor by interest, skill and trade, and even though big city living may not be something I’m shooting for, she’s still made pretty awesome strides by anyone’s standards. If I was offered the most amazing opportunity in NYC, I’d probably take it, but I’m not one of those young people who go on a random pilgrimage just to see if they can find work. Yikes! Maybe to Denver, but not to NYC.

I’ve been realizing lately how my standard Midwestern upbringing has hindered me. Obviously, that’s how my parents were raised and there was little they could do to change it, nor would there be an obvious reason to, since they were fairly successful and never really wanted for anything. But my health suffers for it. Being raised on fatty, sugary, greasy foods produced bad body chemistry, something I have to work really hard to escape. On the same note, being raised on these foods means I have almost no desire to expand my palate. I wrote a very shallow review about Bab’s on Yelp.com today, just because it’s a meaningful place for me, but I realized I had almost nothing of great interest to say. That may be because I was drunk during the entirety of my visit, but I also thought about reviewing La Zamaan and realized I couldn’t give any definitive answers about whether their falafel is better than Jerusalem Garden’s, considering I’ve never had it at either place! I can say, “Hey, their garlic sauce is really good, and strong enough that you don’t suffer too much when you realize you asked for your pita without tomatoes or pickles.” I need to be able to eat everything on the plate to be a good food/restaurant reviewer. And while that isn’t exactly my career goal, it just helps in general to have a desire to try new foods and broaden one’s culinary horizons every once in a while. Also, my rearing days caused me to develop shyness, quietness, low self-esteem, negative body image, bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle, an inclination to sleep away troubles, no desire to work out or be active, paranoia and fear, oversensitivity, a screwed-up view of family and the ability to complain about everything. I’m also not particularly conscientious about protecting the environment (hence my need to work someplace that does, just so I’m doing something about it) and conserving resources. And while I can be a go-getter when I’m really in the mood, I’m not in the mood that often and I shouldn’t have to be to get things done on a regular basis.

On the positive side… I’m frugal and responsible (most of the time) with money. I’m considerate and concerned with the people around me. I listen well and pay attention to details. I value education, learning and bettering myself as a person. Um, that’s all I can think of right now. =\ Sadly, I think a lot of the things that are good about me, I’ve picked up over the years; they didn’t start at home. A lot of what I know about the importance of family came from my grandparents in their final months on earth and the time I’ve spent with Tod’s family in the past year. I don’t blame my mom, having gone to work six or seven days a week to make ends meet and exceed our basic needs as her children, but I do blame my dad for some of it, abandoning us and expecting everything to be just magically OK without him. I love him, of course, but it still hurts to think about my mom and siblings going through the grief of their fighting and divorce, and my dad’s remarriage to the main source of the split. It was hard enough for me having to interact with her and leave my mom to spend time with them, so I can’t begin to imagine how much hurt had built up in our house before I was even conscious of it. =(

Gosh, journaling is good therapy. If only it could give me answers to my questions, it’d be a self-serve psychiatrist. If only…

This week has been pretty great in that I am free in the evenings. I wasted 4:15 to 8:30 last night, and probably will waste tonight, too, since the weather’s crappy. Hey! Maybe I’ll rent a movie! That sounds good. Maybe I’ll finally get to watch “Becoming Jane,” though Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t give it a great rating… “The Jane Austen Book Club” got a higher one, and I’ve been wanting to see that too. Hmm. Then there’s “The Razor’s Edge” (the 1946 version) that Nina recommended. After learning that the book was written by W. Somerset Maugham, whose Of Human Bondage I loved when I was younger, I definitely wanted to see it. Probably should read the book first though… Oh, and “Into the Wild,” which I’ve been wanting to see too. Sheesh! Choosing a movie is so much harder than it should be!

All right, enough for now. I’m tired and looking forward to going home for the day.


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