with a great office comes great responsibility

I have taken up residence in my new office! I will try to snap some pictures just as soon as I finish putting things up and away (I really wanted to type “up, up and away,” but I thought that, in combination with the post title, was too much – you have been spared).

Wow, I can hear birds from here! And they’re not ducks!

Things I will miss about my cube: Nina being right next door, being able to overhear pretty much everything everyone is saying (and thus being able to answer questions and gather info without being addressed), being close to the recycling bin and copy machine, not having to lock all of the doors after hours because I wouldn’t be able to hear people sneak in, having it be obvious I’m still in the office (and not risking being locked in with the alarm set, which I bet will happen at least once if I don’t leave on time) lots of places to hang things, easy access to dogs and being easily accessible myself.

Things I’m not so sure I like about the new office: It’s really quiet (time to bring in the iPod) and there’s a heating vent in here, so when that turns on, it becomes much less quiet, but not in a good way. =P

Things I really like about the new office: Walls! A door! More desk space, more drawers/storage, being very close to an outside door so I can be late and fewer people will notice, a more malleable work space, easy access to the kitchen (not sure why that matters, but it’s probably a good thing), maintaining at least most of the foot traffic I had in my cube but in a less intrusive way, having a computer monitor that doesn’t face out toward the door and having space for people to come sit in my office should they so choose.

That’s my semi-pro-con list for now. I’m sure more things will surface as I go along. It’s unfortunate that the new digs didn’t come with a flat-panel monitor, so I would no longer have this behemoth looking like an eyesore to passersby, but oh well.

I’m excited! Have a good day, all! =)

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