I’ve been trying to move with deliberate slowness today. At lunchtime, I went home and cut ham slowly, took bites slowly and curled up under a blanket to watch “What Not To Wear.” I should’ve eaten something healthier, but at least parts of the leftovers are now gone from my fridge so I can start working through the many, many salad fixings.

Another fortunate turn of events: job #2 is on pause for the rest of the week, or so it seems. It sounds as though the number of reports coming in will be too low to utilize on-call staff, so the in-house people will be taking care of them. Even though that means I don’t earn a cent this week, I really do feel OK about that – I haven’t felt like doing anything related to that job in the past few days.

I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for April 9, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while, since I’ll be without insurance again come May 15. Physicals were booked through June, the receptionist said, but once I told her of my plight, she finagled me in for much sooner. Hopefully everything will fall into place properly. I can’t always count on my biology to work on other people’s schedules though. (Ladies, you understand.)

The huge in-grown zit on my nose is depressing. I’ve been dabbing on cover-up all day, which probably isn’t helping the situation, but I don’t think anyone would understand if I galloped around pretending to guide Santa’s sleigh, and I can’t deal with its exposure without some comic relief.

I brought my hyacinths to work today, which has improved the aroma in my cube significantly. I probably will transport them back and forth from home some days, because I want to make sure they get sufficient light – it’s not all about olfactory gratification, after all! I can’t wait for the new office to smell fresh and flowery… mmm mmm. Also, now that I’ve broken in the new desk chair, I’m totally switching them back. I couldn’t stand the hardness at first, but now it’s sufficiently cushy. Hooray!

Did I mention that my latest batch of Threadless T-shirts came in the mail the other day? I’m only slightly obsessed with that site and its wares (or wears, whichever). Don’t judge. Besides, how can I go wrong with a $9 sale (when the shirts are normally $17)? It’s totally justified! Anyway, here’s what I got: Fish Tank, Pickles…, Adorable Disaster, Inside You and Polar Gardening. So much cuteness! I can’t wait to start wearing them.

I’m going to miss the cube environment a little bit. I can’t hang things everywhere to make a dull wall more interesting, for one thing. There’s a small chunk of bulletin board material underneath a cabinet in the new office, but nothing like the collage of craziness I have going on in here. All my origami fish, Alaska postcards, Tod-related memorabilia… Sigh. I’ll have to figure out a way to showcase it.

I had some weird spearmint tea today. I’m not sure I liked it… at all. It had that weird toothpaste aftertaste that shows up sometimes and ends in a sort of mouth-drying bitterness that makes you wrinkle your nose. I’ve always been iffy on spearmint. Peppermint is almost always OK though. I bet it’s those damn stemless leaves!

What other interesting crap can I link to today? Here’s some cool poetry that my boss e-mailed me about (the link goes straight to one piece that I liked, but you can browse the rest easily). These would be even cuter with little eyes and beaks. Something funny (and true) that I’ve spent a good bit of time reading lately. One of my favorite food blogs (the photography fills me with joy). Lastly, this giant teddy bear birthday burger that showed up on A Hamburger Today (yes, I’m a regular reader). Enjoy, kids!


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