average week

I don’t have much to report, honestly. I felt like I should poke my nose into the blogosphere momentarily, though, to avoid seeming like I fell off the face of the earth. Sorry, regular readers!

I’m preparing for Easter on Sunday at my place. It’ll be the first holiday I’ve hosted in my 24 years on the planet, but it’s only 3/4 hosting, really, since my mom is bringing half the food. Oh, well. I still have to clean and have everyone over – I guess that’s a big part of hosting? Anyway, I do have a bit of cleaning and organizing to do before then, but I have plenty of time, with the day off tomorrow and Saturday. I hope to be at the “finishing touches” stage by Sunday morning. We’ll see how that goes. =)

Tod and I went out yesterday. I decided I need to start actually leaving work early, rather than doing 8 hours when I should be doing only 7. When will I use the overtime? I’ve already amassed 14 hours of overtime, so I can take off almost two whole days, which may come in handy sometime between now and May 15, but it may not. No point in loitering around here an extra hour a day just because it’s awkward to say, “Hey, I’m leaving early! (And you aren’t!)”

Right, well, I met Tod over at the Salvation Army store on State St. yesterday afternoon to go shoe shopping for him. Unfortunately, the selection wasn’t rife with suitable options, so he went away empty handed. I, however, left with a light blue/aqua pitcher that matches my overall color scheme of choice almost perfectly. It’s small and pretty, perfect to put one of the beverages in on Sunday. Hooray!

After stealing from the poor, we went back to my place to decide what the next step would be. We ended up going to Bennigan’s for dinner because I was craving both a hamburger and a pita sandwich and that is the only place I knew I could get a combination of the two. Yum! We briefly considered going to see “Enchanted” for $1.50 at the mall, but decided to hit up Hollywood Video instead for a free rental, getting “Rendition” and “Howl’s Moving Castle.” We watched the latter and it was super cute! I love (some) anime (sometimes). We shared a bowl of Thin Mint ice cream and then had some turmoil. Par for the course. =)

I just stepped away for an hour and a half for a meeting, so I need to refocus to finish this post… That was the first-ever business meeting in which Facebook has been accessed, maybe in the history of the world, but at least in the history of my world. Good times.

I’m hoping there will be at least a little more to do for job #2 tonight, but I’m kind of looking forward to a free Friday, so I’d almost rather run out after that. We’ll see though!

Did I mention I get an office soon? I can’t remember. But I do! I’m allowed to start moving stuff over there whenever I want, so that’s pretty sweet, even if it is for only a month and a half. I won’t have my computer monitor facing out for all the world to see me blogging, Facebooking and reading Web comics! And I’ll be able to close my door to make phone calls and eat lunch. It’s going to be blissful. =D

We get out at 4 o’clock today, which makes me very happy. I’m going to clean. How many times can I mention that in one post, you ask? ONE MILLION.

All right, I’m done for now. Have a good Easter, kidlets!

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