reflections on one year

Today marks one year of togetherness with Tod. Well, it marks an approximate year, since this was the day the romance started, but the relationship came a little bit later, after we’d had several nighttime conversations in cars all over Chelsea. That used to be a fairly regular facet of our interaction, but that’s waned a bit now that we can have conversations at our respective homes away from prying eyes. I kind of miss those weird, disconnected “dates” though. =)

One of the weird things about dating Tod is thinking of him as “that kid I went to high school with.” My friends and I used to have, “…but it’s TOD!” moments all the time, but we’re past that now. Now, it’s more like I’m in awe of dating someone I used to know as a totally separate entity, with a different group of friends, a different level of coolness, a distinct separation from me. Now he’s with me, and we’re together, and all those boundaries have been crossed without too much difficulty. It’s a bit surreal, even though that makes me sound like a total dweeb.

I really love Tod. When I think of moving far away and leaving him behind, I realize I don’t want to move far away anymore. I’d like to live somewhere new, but I’d rather take him with me, or be there for a limited time. I know our relationship could survive separation, but I wouldn’t want to do it on purpose.

(Insert huge break for an Indian lunch trip…)

I just talked to Tod and it sounds like he’s having a crappy day so far. =( Poor guy. I hope it gets better…

Anyway, here’s a recap of what happened last year on this day… I was invited to go out with Jen, the old conservation intern at DU, and we arranged to park at and leave from Erin’s house (my predecessor), even though she wasn’t actually going with us. (Coincidentally, we did see her later in the evening at Bab’s, but it wasn’t planned.) It was within acceptable walking distance from downtown, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day frolicking. I invited Mandy, Tod and Kevin to come along and we met at my house before heading out. We walked by the outdoor St. Pat’s revelry and went to Arbor Brewing Co. for a while. I remember there being a talkative man there wearing a large green Dr. Seuss-style hat. I felt like I should be flirty since it was a day of drunkenness and I was young and carefree, but we all know (or at least most of us) that I’m super awkward and lacking in all social skills, so I’m sure it didn’t come off that way.

Did we go anywhere else before Babs’? I don’t really remember. We ended up there, though, and I really liked that place. It was dim and quiet and fancy. We sat at a long bar-type table with stools on either side. I arm wrestled Tod and the bouncer bought me a drink for winning. Tod also bought me a drink. I had my first Irish car bomb, which was tasty. At some point, Tod and I started holding hands under the table and looking at each other all cute like. This was after some hand-touching events while petting cats and sitting on the couch at Kevin’s, but this was direct and unashamed, so it was a different level altogether. We held hands on our way back to the car. Mandy told me later she tried to walk ahead and avoid looking at us. She had been drinking, so I can’t imagine how awkward Kevin must’ve felt, being stone sober, as he was the whole night. I remember Tod pausing to bury his face in my neck and inhale before we parted ways to get in the car. That was a really nice moment. =)

When we got back, Tod asked to use the bathroom before going home. We ended up kissing in the entryway and he stayed at my place quite a bit longer than planned. No details there, but it was sort of awkward, sort of scandalous and a lot of fun. From there, we had our talks and our, “Should we? Shouldn’t we?” worries and frustrations. We had our friend-loss drama, our breakup, our reuniting, our secret rendezvous weekends when his parents went out of town. Now we’re celebrating one year together and it’s still pretty darn sweet. I’m very lucky to have him in my life.

I love you, nugget! ♥



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3 responses to “reflections on one year

  1. Amanda

    I believe we went to Arbor Brewing Co. first? Is that the name of it?

  2. e. autumne

    I mentioned that in the post. I couldn’t remember if we went anywhere in between though, or if it was straight to Babs’.

  3. Jessica

    AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! I love you both!!!

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