lamplit love

I am writing this post from Tod’s bedroom, watching him read his no-doubt science fiction book by the golden light of a potpourri-filled table lamp. Though I would love to be lying next to him, I am working on my second job. Le sigh. Sitting here like this reminds me how much I love him though. That part is nice. =) He’s so incredibly adorable and sweet and fun to be around. It’s been a long time since we had a “deep” or “intelligent” discussion, but I know he’s still as brilliant as ever. I told him he was a good boyfriend tonight and that seemed to make him very happy, like he hadn’t been sure this whole time. Despite wanting romance, I’m not sure I’m good at initiating it myself, which makes me sort of a hypocrite in the love department. =\ Maybe I’ll get past that someday, when I’m not working all the time. For now, though, I hope my love and its ill-expressedness is enough for him.

We just spent a great evening together. He made me dinner – hand-breaded chicken tenders and mixed veggies – then took me out for ice cream in Chelsea. We took a short walk around the yard (like homebound old people, I said) and petted his kitty together. It was nice. I’m sad he has to work so early tomorrow and can’t stay up late talking tonight. It’s cozy here in the log cabin – sort of like a whole separate world, set away in the woods somewhere, even though we’re only five minutes outside of town. I wish it really was a world unto itself sometimes.

I should get back to work for now. I hope everyone’s having a good weekend so far. =)

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