There is no better way to describe my issues than this: There’s an even better, more in-depth description here: I’d forgotten about dysthymia all this time.

So, I haven’t really felt like posting lately. I’ve been living at home since the flood and I think I’ll be able to move back in tomorrow, once I load up all my stuff and make my way back over there. I’m going to check things out at lunchtime today, just to be sure it’s ready. Just to add a cherry to the already gargantuan flood ice cream sundae, the company replacing the flooring managed to break the glass on my oven door while moving it back into place. Seriously? That’s just too much. I’m happy to hear the flooring has been taken care of in all of the rooms, so I don’t have to figure out how much rent to trim off because I’m walking around on bare concrete.

My new computer may arrive today! According to DHL’s Web site, it’s with a delivery courier out of Romulus, Mich., so I have high hopes of a day-early delivery. Not that I’m scrambling to find a place to do my work, but that would make the transition back into my apartment almost entirely seamless, not leaving me without a way to do my second job, as I would’ve faced before once I left my mom’s. I’m still ruing not scaling down my build a bit to save money, but I know the ridiculous speed of my machine will be worth it. It better be, anyway…

I stayed up too late last night watching “Gilmore girls.” After coming home from Tod’s, I thought I’d finish the episode I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during, but it ended with grandpa Gilmore having a heart attack, so I obviously couldn’t stop there! So I watched the next episode and went to sleep around midnight. I’m dragging a bit today, despite getting 10 hours of sleep a night over the weekend. And now that we’re out of white tea, I’m drinking green, which is fine, and probably better for me. Once I move back into the apartment, I need to get back on track. Going to the church nearby means I can work out for free at the local health club on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 1-6, so I’m going to try to do that as often as possible. If they offer a month-to-month situation with low start-up costs, I may do that, too, through May. There’s a place on Washtenaw that charges only $10-20/month, but it is a bit out of the way, so $40/mo for something I’m more likely to use may make more sense for me. We’ll see. I just need to start feeling better, especially when the weather’s improving.

The past several days… I don’t remember much going on during the week. I visited with Vicki, Ed and Ryan, who came out from Nebraska last week. I had Vietnamese food with them, Ben and Jo on Wednesday. That was after I had an eye exam during the workday and came back unable to look at the computer because of the pupil dilation. It was like when you take a video of a computer screen and it flashes like crazy – I thought my head was going to explode. But I found out I needed a higher prescription in my contacts (and likely several steps higher in my glasses, but that won’t happen for a while), which is good. Anyway, I also saw the whole crew for lunch on Thursday, and they took a tour of my office while they were here.

Thursday night I got to meet Tod’s new library coworkers, all of whom are very nice. There’s one other guy within his department: a dad who’s really excited about his tiny son. The rest of them are women of varying ages, from pretty close to our age all the way through grandma status. I think I liked his boss and her partner the best – they were very amiable gals. We had food and drinks at Sidetrack in Ypsi and I ordered a Lindeman’s Framboise Lambic, not realizing it would cost $8 (!!!!) for one bottle. Tod and I then shared a gigantic Woodchuck, which cost considerably less and was twice as big. I know what to get from now on…

I got to see Tod Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and most of the day on Sunday, which made for a very nice weekend on my end (hopefully his too). We watched “Death at a Funeral” and “Knocked Up” (which we first saw at the theater with Mandy during our month-long broken-up period), as well as the last 5 minutes of an episode of Gilmore. On Sunday, we drove to Marshall, Mich., to have dinner with my dad’s family at Schuler’s. My dad turned 60 yesterday, which I think should come as a huge shock to all of our systems (my family’s, not my readers’) because of the landmark quality of that age. He is 60, my mom will be 60 and my sister will be 40. Even my brother turning 33 is going to seem weird, because he’s closer to my age and doesn’t seem so unreachable in his elderliness. Luckily, I will be a random 24, which is: a) my favorite number of all time, and b) not 25 or some other notable number. Phew. I wonder if we’re going to do anything to mark 40 for my sister… we didn’t celebrate my brother-in-law’s 40th last year, so that might seem rude. Hmm.

Back on topic, sheesh. Tod napped while I drove back from Marshall and no sooner did we cuddle up in his bed for some shut eye than his parents walked in the door with the tiny dog. Disappointing. =\ We sat around for a little bit while his mom fretted about what she would feed us, despite Tod’s insistence that we weren’t hungry. I think she might’ve been afraid I would just leave and not visit with them if there was no food on the horizon. =P Silly moms. Tod and I played a little DDR while she baked her hand-breaded chicken tenders (geez) and set out a spread of dips, veggies, cookies, bread, chips, etc. It was way over the top for a casual Sunday meal after we’d already eaten enough “dinner” at the restaurant. But it was nice, and appreciated. We all watched and complained about “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” then Bev slept while the three of us watched “Law & Order,” featuring a fake Jack Kevorkian guy and a disappointingly bland ending.

We have two Web site meetings at work this week, which is exciting. We’re moving forward! Two more will happen next week, and one the week after. It’ll be good to get input and keep pressing on. I’d love to have some updated Adobe software for creating and editing images, but I’ll have to stick with Photoshop 6.0 for now, since NHQ didn’t come through with the extra licenses as promised. Jana got her Mac under the impression they had extra licenses for the Adobe CS3 suite, but they don’t, which means she’ll keep using her old PC until we get something. It’ll be a few weeks, I’m sure. Maybe after that, but I bet not, for some reason. They’ll forget or give it to someone else; that’s usually how it goes. I’m used to it. Speaking of, I need to start looking for jobs…


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