reading the label

So, apparently, this white tea isn’t decaffeinated. I swear I read that on the tin at some point, but I must’ve been dreaming. At least the caffeine levels are fairly low (less than 15 mg per 6-oz cup), but I was all, “Yay, no caffeine for me!” for the past week. Bother. At least I cut out caffeinated soda, which probably helps a lot more than the tea hurts. Even after four cups during the day, I’m still at only 60 mg of caffeine. The Pepsi One I’d started to love because it used Splenda instead of aspartame has 55.5 mg per can. Diet Pepsi has 36. Diet Mountain Dew (which I drink at home) has 55. So, by the time I drank my DP at lunch and my DMD at dinnertime, I had racked up 91 mg already, and that’s if I didn’t have a cup of coffee in the morning or another random installment of soda or tea. At least I’ve cut back significantly!

And I’m still on track with my sleep. Though I faltered by about a half-hour a few times, I’m still saying I’ve been doing at least 8 hours for 11 nights. Balancing that with not doing any physical activity leaves me feeling just about the same as I always do – just imagine how much better it would be if I were doing something! =P I have to get on that soon.

Tod came over last night and we watched “As You Like It,” set awkwardly in Japan, starring Bryce Dallas Howard, from my favorite, “The Village,” and “Lady in the Water.” Apparently she was also in “Spider Man 3”? Who knew? Anyway, Tod and I met up at the library, where I borrowed that, the first season of “October Road” and two travel books. Then Tod got Wendy’s and met me at home for dinner and the movie. It was good times. A relaxing evening together on the futon. =)

I really would like to copy edit for a publication somewhere. The idealistic part of me keeps thinking about loving some place out east like Boston and searching for work there. It would be great to be in a busy newsroom. I’ve never really had the opportunity to work in an environment like that, and I think it would be great experience, considering the degree I have. Now, I’m not so sure about any old daily newspaper, but a magazine would be great, a prestigious paper, etc. – something that seems worth enduring.

Anyway, enough of that for this morning. I’m off to work.

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