decaffeinated daze

Days without caffeine: 4
Nights getting 8+ hours of sleep: 6
Days being sick: 6?

I realized today I was sick this exact same time last month. That does not say good things about my immune system, does it? I am weak. I also managed to get Tod sick, too, which seemed impossible until now. Luckily, he is OK with swilling Dayquil, so that should keep his symptoms at bay while he’s bookmobiling tonight.

All day Tuesday was spent in a meeting with the director of the creative service department at our national headquarters. Once he saw the caveman-like nature of Jana’s PC for graphic design, he hopped on the bandwagon for her to get a new Mac G5 and a 23″ monitor. I actually just received an e-mail after typing that sentence that the purchase was approved and it’s on its way! How exciting… Anyway, it was a beneficial day and we learned a lot about what HQ has to offer us as a regional office. Unfortunately, with Jana leaving in June, there will be someone new here trying to pick up the pieces and take over for her – hopefully that transition will go smoothly for everyone. I may not even be here myself. It’s interesting how my boss makes me feel guilty about leaving, like I’m breaking up the team, when Jana’s all for my desire to explore, travel and try something new. It would’ve been nice if this gig had come later in my life, when I might be more mature, more settled, more desiring of a permanent place to dig in my heels. But I do need to move around a little and see some things before I do that. I just hope I have the opportunity. When I look at my mom’s life and her missed chances to see the world, try new things, be her own person, etc., I fear that for myself. I wouldn’t say all that if I knew she were happy where she was and with what she had, but I don’t think that’s the case. I wish it would be, but it’s not. And I want to be happy; everyone deserves to be.

I’ve become a big decaf tea drinker the past several days. I’m hooked on the Republic of Tea Honeysuckle White, which is readily available in the office kitchen. I’m on the lookout for more options and was steered toward Panera (they sell RoT brand for less than Cost Plus World Market, apparently), Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s (both givens) for more options, so I’ll try to make it over to one of those places sometime soon. I could totally be a hot tea fanatic if given the right circumstances and motivation… I’m already in love with iced tea, after all. Yum!

I’m really dragging today from the sickness and spotty sleep last night. It seems like everyone’s kind of tired though – maybe there’s something in the air?

Crap. My brother just e-mailed and said it looks like the Dell specials are expiring today. I should get on the new laptop thing before the day’s out. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for it with such a small credit limit on my Discover card, but I’ll figure it out. Have a good one, all.


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