who needs sleep? I do!

I have now managed to get eight hours of sleep four nights in a row. I am utterly baffled by my success, and while I am still feeling somewhat downtrodden by sickness and malaise, I am feeling much less sick and much less fatigued than I think I would with the six hours a night I normally secure. In an effort to continue this chain of triumph, I am cutting caffeine from my menu. I shared a glass of Diet Pepsi and had a sip of coffee with Tod on Saturday, and I’m calling that my final fix for now. I had a caffeine-free Mug root beer last night and am about to start sipping some white tea, which I hope will soothe my throat and keep me mellow. I find, while I’m still longing to roll over and snooze for a few more hours in the morning, I am not a complete zombie from 8 to 11, so I think I can stay away from the cans o’ energy.

Last night, Mandy picked me up and we went to the high school to take a walk. We ended up walking from there over to Washington, up/over to Park and all the way to Main St. We ventured to the Chocolate Café to see if they were open and had coffee (see? obsession! but it was cold out…), but they weren’t, so we walked back along the railroad tracks, down A.D. Mayer and back down Freer. It was an impressive loop! After that bit of exercise, we immediately erased it with a cheddar-and-mozzarella-covered Domino’s pizza, consumed while watching “The Holiday,” which was just as cute the second time – how can you go wrong with sappy romance and a sweet old man?

I spent a little time today looking at laptops online, but I’m almost burned out on it already. There are too many conflicting opinions and even more options/accessories/add-ons for a nominal fee. Stop shoving the color-coordinated mice in my face already! I do not need one! I guess that’s what you get when you browse the manufacturer’s Web site though…

I’m really getting in the travel mood now. Especially with Jana (the graphic designer) talking about her six-week, cross-country excursion with her husband in June, I am longing to hit the road too. Colorado seems to be standing out as my destination of choice, but I know I’ll have to wait until May, at least, and maybe even longer, depending on the employment situation. I also feel guilty doing anything fun/expensive while I’m still paying off my car, because my mom is helping me, but I’ll have to wait 10 years for fun at that rate! I just can’t imagine doing that. And with a handful of old friends marking a north-south line in CO, now seems like the perfect time to go.

Last night, Mandy and I were discussing having children. (I really can’t come up with a way to phrase that that’s not grammatically awkward or conveying the idea of us having children together. You know what I mean though.) I said, any time a woman says she doesn’t want children, or doesn’t plan to have any, people always ask why she’s choosing that. But when someone says, “I’m havin’ babies!,” no one asks that question, unless she’s dying or it would otherwise negatively affect her/their quality of life. So, what are the reasons for reproducing? I know there are women out there who say, “I just can’t imagine my life without children,” or, “I can’t imagine not being a mom someday.” That works for me. But does everyone else just think, “My parents had kids, so I should too”? It seems like an interesting question and something to ponder. From now on, I’m totally going to ask people, “Why?,” when they say they want kids. Maybe it will throw the planet of its axis or something.

Off to check out my damp dwelling…


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