I was hoping to be a bit more eloquent in this revamped journal, but today’s post probably won’t exceed a weekend recap, so you can lower your hopes whenever you’re ready…

OK, let’s commence. Friday evening was fun. I met Tod at Q16 at 4:30 to see “Spiderwick Chronicles,” which was a decent movie, and I’m still pretty sure I would have chosen that over “Definitely, Maybe” most days. After the movie, we drove to Chelsea and had dinner at Chinese Tonite – delicious, as always. I spent the rest of the evening hanging out by myself at home, cleaning up a few things and watching random stuff on network TV. I’m pretty sure crappy game shows never will be my thing.

On Saturday, Tod came over after teaching and we went to Chelsea to take a walk and visit the shops. Honestly, despite growing up nearby and going to school there, I never went to half the places in town. And now most of them are long gone, replaced by art galleries, jewelry stores and weird eclectic shops. Tod bought me some replacement earrings at the Golden Apple, a little shop in perpetual 50%-off sale mode ever since the owner tried to go out of business and ended up making enough money to stay afloat. Now he plans to keep everything at half off until the market runs totally dry. My earrings are cute little turtles with opalescent shells – maybe I’ll be able to get a picture on here sometime.

Aside from the jewelry store, we visited the Chelsea Market (stinky grocery mart), Mission Marketplace (free fair trade coffee, a Welsh springer puppy and funky African masks on the walls), the Chelsea Teddy Bear Company factory store, the Gourmet Chocolate Café, Middle Bead (beads, jewelry-making supplies and a lap dog with two broken legs) and Cleary’s Pub. We actually went to the last place twice: once to chat with Craig (who had seen us pass by) and his mom, and the second time for a sweet potato fry snack. It was a fun little trip through town. I’d definitely do it again sometime, especially if that jewelry store stays in business, because there were several things there I would’ve bought for myself if I’d felt more like spending money.

Later in the evening, Tod and I made dinner for us, my mom and Archie. I baked a huge meatloaf and Tod helped with the redskin mashed potatoes and veggies. We got in a fight in the kitchen and I felt bad about it for the rest of the night, likely contributing to the dreams I had about Tod cheating on me (I have these dreams every other week or so; I don’t enjoy it). Dinner turned out pretty great considering the stress I was having about it, and everyone seemed satisfied. Tod and I wrapped up the evening by watching “Stranger than Fiction” (I really like that movie) before he headed home for some rest.

I haven’t done much today besides sleep in, talk to my brother on the phone and do some work for the second job, which I’m still doing now. My laptop is kaput, so I’m going to need to bring that up to my landlord as a possible liability of the flood, and my brother recommended a USB external hard drive case to try to rescue the data from my computer if it is truly dead. The only way to find out for sure is to get a new AC adapter, but I don’t want to spend $100 on that if I can get this case for $15 and get all my stuff. I was planning to replace my computer soon anyway, and if I can get some compensation to go toward a new one, that’ll be fine with me. My old one was on its last leg anyway.

All right, time to do a little more work before I shower. Ugh, noon. The day’s almost over already…


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