who says you can’t go home again?

Why do I find it so comforting to awaken in my mother’s house? Even when I’ve spent the evening fidgeting around on the hard futon, I still prefer that to waking up alone elsewhere. Perhaps it’s just that it feels like a vacation right now, after only one night, and will lose its luster after two weeks homebound. The whole routine really makes me miss the wellness center; I wish I could coerce them into letting me use it while I’m in town. More flexible membership options would be nice too. I’m going on their Web site to see if I can leave comments…

There, that’s done. Moving on. Tod’s mom was kind enough to set a place for me at their table last night and we had a delicious breakfast for dinner: whole-wheat blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs with bacon and scallions, ham and fruit cups with whipped cream. I was so tired from the night before, and had been sustaining myself on Wendy’s chicken nuggets and a baked potato all day, so I scarfed it down without a second thought. Bev said I made her day by coming for dinner, since she had had kind of a crappy one to that point, because of work drama. I hope that resolves itself soon; I hate to see/hear her upset about the jerks at the retirement home.

The eclipse last night was lovely. I wish I had had some binoculars to see it better, but even stepping outside to move my car at 10 p.m. allowed me a great view. Archie (mom’s fiancée) was all excited about it, but both of them were sound asleep on the couch come 9 o’clock, and barely stirred when I wandered in to say goodnight. I was asleep before they relocated to their bedroom. Early bedtimes are wonderful. =)

I feel more relaxed being back at home too. I was pondering my plans for the next couple days and considered vacuuming my car, taking a bath, having Tod over to watch a movie, finishing the last few hours of STN work for the week, organizing all the stuff I brought home and doing laundry. Nothing seems urgent and I am not stressed in the least about any of it. I probably would be if I were still out in the scary world. I definitely would be if I were trying to live in my rainforest-like apartment. The only downside: I had to scrape my car this morning and drive a half-hour to work on the expressway. I didn’t miss that at all.

On a less buoyant note, I think I’m getting sick again. My throat started feeling scratchy at Tod’s last night, which doesn’t surprise me after all that late-night gallivanting, but it definitely doesn’t make me happy. My goal is to go to bed early the next couple nights and keep my activity to a minimum. I’ve been swilling OJ (or at least drinking it twice a day) and bundling up outside. The pox are fading, which gives me hope, but Tod claims to have had one on his arm the other day, which totally freaks me out. What are they? I hope the spread ends there. Senior citizens and babies, stay away!

I have to follow up on a random bill from the insurance company today, as well as my 1-800-Contacts order, which has been pending for the past two weeks because of my eye doctor’s stubbornness. I will not pay $30/box for your contacts, lady! Let me have my clearance lenses! And on that note, have a great day all.


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