soggy tragedy

I know most everyone is squeamish about the idea of walking in on their parents having sex, but I’m pretty sure I would have preferred that to what I walked in on last night: an apartment soaked with water from one end to the other.

I decided to be sociable and have dinner with Nina last night, chucking my plans for making a fancy salad and a smoothie and working all night. However, after some tasty zucchini, lasagna, garlic toast and red wine, our viewing of “I ♥ Huckabees” got cut short by a call from my landlord. On vacation in Tucson, he received a phone call from my neighbor Steve, who found water in the hallway – origin: my apartment. Bob (landlord) told me George (handyman) was on his way over, so I headed that way, too, and found myself in a much more serious situation than I had thought.

When I heard Steve had found water in the hallway, I figured a bit of a puddle right outside my door. No such luck. The “puddle” stretched down the hall toward the outside doors, as well as across our little nook and down the front hall of their apartment. No idea what happened on the other side of my unit, but hopefully not much. Every single bit of my carpet was soaked and even the parts that appeared dry were left with dark, soggy shoe prints after I walked through. I spent just over 2 hours packing up everything I could, after hearing the “disaster team” coming to vacuum up the water also would be cutting out all my carpet. I piled things in my car, including all my bedding, some clothes, items off bookshelves and everything I wanted to save from my fridge and freezer (they had to unplug them). My neighbors took a bit of my frozen food, but the rest is stored here at the office, after a 12:30 trip in and a quick apology e-mail for taking up so much space.

At 1, I was in desperate need of a place to sleep. I had made a call to one person at midnight, but that was my last contact with the outside world and I didn’t want to wake anyone, so I went over to the Four Points Sheraton, where DU hosts its annual staff meeting. Bob had told me the insurance money from the incident (on the condo’s tab, not his, because it’s a sub-foundation issue) would cover my hotel expenses, so I hope that will be the case. However, the front desk agent at the Sheraton was very kind, giving me their last room for $99, instead of the standard $125. I’m planning to write a letter of gratitude later today. The room was very nice and the bed was exquisite – I only wish I could’ve spent a few more hours in it. I’m dragging today. Twenty trips back and forth to my car while wearing pointy dress shoes and slacks probably didn’t help either. I’m just glad my shoes dried.

I’m going to head back over to my apartment at lunchtime to assess the damage and cleanup progress. I don’t know if I’ll be back there tonight, and kind of don’t imagine I will, but at least it won’t be a middle-of-the-night scramble and I can just stay at my mom’s. Oh, what an evening. And I thought breaking a dinner plate at Nina’s would be the worst moment…


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