set apart for you

Man, my right armpit stinks right now. With the pox in there, I worry about putting on too much deodorant. Apparently I didn’t use enough today.

I wonder what will happen with St. Patrick’s Day this year. For some reason, I was behind the times in finding out the Catholics will be celebrating on the 15th because the 17th coincides with the Holy Week. That doesn’t mean everyone has to shift to the 15th, but will they? Or will they all just get wasted both days? Most college kids will, I know, but what about the rest of us? The 17th is Tod’s and my chosen anniversary (we don’t actually know when the official dating decree was made, so we use that first day of romance as the mark), so we’ll need to celebrate 1 year somehow. Very exciting!

I was talking with one of the GIS interns at work today because I’d heard he was a two-jobber too. Apparently he has it even worse than I do, with 70+ hours of work per week, between DU and Scorekeepers in downtown AA. When he first moved here, he was pulling 80! I can’t even imagine… Then I found out he’s paying almost $900 for rent, so that insanity can’t allow for any less, but sheesh! Self-inflicted torture that makes me wonder even more why: 1) I can’t handle two jobs, and 2) I even have the other one, when I don’t need it.

I was fortunate enough last night to get a visit from Tod after his first shift on the YDL bookmobile. It sounded pretty neat and I was glad to hear he liked it all right. I hope that continues to be the case. =)

The pox are still spreading a bit, but they’re not itchy and not showing signs of worsening, so I don’t know what to think. I wish I could conjure up some new soap or product I’ve been using lately that I wasn’t before, but I can’t think of a thing. Maybe my body developed some brand-new allergic reaction at random, but I’m not sure how likely that is. Hmm. Will continue to watch and wait. I fear bugs…

I have 9 boxes of instant mashed potatoes in my pantry. Who wants to have a mashed potato party? I’m totally considering it, especially if more than half of the boxes remain in May – I don’t want to move that many boxes of potatoes! I’m such a dork about bargain shopping…

My hope for tonight is a nice little workout when I get home, then making dinner (chicken strips on a salad, maybe a fruit/juice/yogurt smoothie if my blender doesn’t explode) and working for a while. My thighs are getting bigger every day and it’s freaking me out. I wish the CCHHWC were closer… =(


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