I just realized how hard it is for me to imagine “true happiness.” I know everyone gets sad from time to time, but to have a personality that experiences sadness when someone dies or you are broken up with, rather than crying every time you forget to do something or get a gyro with tomatoes and onions on it when you asked for it without… I am that freakish. Ask Tod. It happened on Saturday. =\

Anyway, I overheard the receptionist mention depression the other day, so I e-mailed her to ask if she sees someone about it. Apparently her internist put her on meds recently to help with that and the hot flashes she’s experienced with menopause, but no psychiatric treatment. She told me about some fliers in the exec asst’s office, so I think I will go searching for those after 5. She said she’s taken two but never called. Hopefully I’ll be more successful…

Also, it’s funny how I can give solid advice to other people to help them through tough situations and indecision, but I can’t fix myself. Oh, the mind; it astounds me.


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